Mizuno MP20 Series

Since their introduction in 1992, Mizuno MPs have been synonymous with the brand's finest and sportiest clubs from Japan. The basic principle has not changed much since then. There is a blade that is without doubt the sportiest club in Mizuno's portfolio. Currently it is the MP-20 Blade.

Based on this there are two more club heads for 2020 and 2021. One is the MMC and the other the HMB. Mizuno has always attached great importance to combine a classic look with modern technologies. With the current MP-20 series this has never been so successful. The MP-20 HMB, for example, is a club head that is equipped with a lot of technology, but at first glance looks like a classic blade.

Mizuno MP20 MMC - Multi Material Construction

The Mizuno MMC is a compromise and you can see that it is a bit more technological. For example, the MMC has tungsten inserts to optimise weight distribution. And titanium inserts to improve the launch. Mizuno makes little effort to hide this in the MMC and proudly prints "Tungsten" and "Titanium" on the back of the blade.

MP20 HMB - Hot Metal Blade

With the HMB this looks completely different again. Currently there is no comparable club on the market. From distance, the HMB looks like a blade and feels exactly the same. Only when you look closer you notice, for example, that the topline is relatively wide and the club head itself is very large. This is intentional, because Mizuno wants this iron to be as forgiving and fast as possible without sacrificing its classic look. They have done this very well and the Mizuno HMB is one of the most popular irons on the market today.

Mizuno MP20 Blade Irons

The MP20 Blade is the most classic club you can imagine. Mizuno has not changed its recipe for success over the last decades. Only the finish has been slightly adapted, e.g. with the new copper coating. So the MP20 is also available on the "special market" without any additional coating and the result is an actual copper MP20. If you want to stand out, this is certainly a good choice.

However, you should also consider carefully whether this club is the right one for you. After all it is a real blade that is anything but easy to play. A blade has basic advantages such as minimal offset or a narrow sole - but this is only an advantage for a very special type of players. Most players make their life harder than it has to be.

Nevertheless, the MP20 Blade is a club that sells very well every year. Precisely because it is special and has a strong appeal. Like no other club it stands for the success story behind Mizuno.

MP22 from Mizuno

As successor of the MP20 the MP22 series will most likely be introduced in autumn 2021. However, no major changes are expected in our opinion. Mizuno has already taken a new direction with the introduction of the MP20, which will be pursued in the future. Among others with the HMB, but also with the very popular combo set of MP20 and MP20 HMB which is also available for left-handed players. For the MP22, we currently do not expect any major changes compared to the current series.

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