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In this section you will learn everything you need to know about golf clubs. We are constantly expanding this category and will do our best to give you the knowledge you need. This is important to be able to judge what kind of clubs you need. This is not about whether I take a 6 or 7 iron from 130 meters. But about the club itself: Which shaft is right? How do I choose the bounce and loft for the wedge? What swing weight should I play? How can I make small changes myself to adjust it? Which club head is right for me? Which lie do I need and why? What is a short or long driving style? And so on.

At the end of the day you should be able to understand why certain clubs are offered and how you can best benefit from them. This topic is very complex and not explained for an hour. You really have to get involved and be ready to learn. You can also visit us at any time. Our team is always looking forward to helping and talking shop.

Choice of bounce and grind for the wedges: How do I choose the right bounce and the right sole shape, the so-called grind? This is very important, because both have an enormous influence on the game and are very individual.

The best irons for Scratch players: Here's what type of irons work best for very good amateur players trying to play under par.

Special clubs - extra long or extra short golf clubs: This is why you should be very cautious simply buying longer or shorter golf clubs and need a competent clubmaker.

The most forgiving Miura iron - Which one is it?

Japanese Golf Clubs Manufacturers - Who is actually out there delivering Japanese quality clubs?

Fun fact: The most expensive golf clubs - Who is producing the most expensive clubs in the world?

OEM, Made For, Aftermarket and Original Golf Shafts - This article covers the important difference between OEM and Original Golf Shafts and why it matters a lot.

The right clubs for thick grips - How to deal with big grips that usually screw up the swing weight big time.

Honma Irons Specifications - All Honma Irons compared.

What to consider when bending golf clubs - What happens when you change lie or loft of clubs and why you should be careful.
Japanese Shafts for Drivers, Woods and Irons - What are the major shaft manufacturers from Japan and why are they better than most others?
Why Japanese Golf Clubs: These are the reasons why you can only find golf clubs created by Japanese manufacturers at ExactGolf.
Finding the right Lie for your irons: This article shows you how critical Lie can be and that a simple Lie plate won't tell you the whole story. And it gives insight why we at ExactGolf only sell golf clubs that can be adjusted accordingly.
Why your swing weight is most likely wrong - This article shows why swing weight is important and what you can do to have clubs with proper swing weights.
Adjustable Sleeves - What are the pros and cons of having adjustability?
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