Why Japanese Golf Clubs?

At ExactGolf we only offer golf clubs from Japan and we don't do that just for sympathy. There is a very specific reason for this and you should also know it when you have to decide whether to go with a Japanese or another manufacturer. To be exact, there are even several reasons that we would like to list in this article.

On the one hand it is the Japanese blacksmith's art that is incomparable worldwide. The interesting thing is that the forging processes have not changed so much in the last decades. In other words: the traditional way is and remains the best. The result is a club head that is incomparably soft.

In combination with the soft steel used, which has a high carbon content, the club head conveys an unbelievable feeling at impact. You have to admit that a similar steel is also used by manufacturers outside Japan, but then the forging processes differ - if other manufacturers forge at all and do not cast the club heads. Only the combination of the steel used and the Japanese forging technique provides the best result.

No other manufacturer has such a high level of quality as Miura. This traditional manufacturer has also patented various manufacturing steps, which enables them to use a unique manufacturing process. Miura, for example, is the only producer who is allowed to attach the hosel in a second step as the hosel cannot be forged at too high a pressure. So it is possible to forge the club face with extremely high pressure. However, this is usually not possible for other manufacturers because the hosel is forged together with the club face and only low pressure can be applied.

You may think it all sounds good, but you may be wondering what the benefits are for you as a player, apart from an incredibly soft feel. Another reason why we only use this type of club is the fact that Lie and Loft can be adjusted perfectly without much effort. If you buy a club from one of the major manufacturers today, you will have to specify the lie when ordering (if it is available in non-standard versions at all). If this Lie turns out to be unsuitable because you were wrongly fitted or the swing changes slightly, you are simply unlucky and forced to buy a new set. With our Japanese clubs this is not the case and Lie and Loft can be adjusted at any time and as often as you want. Especially at lofting, this is useful if you imagine that you have a new hybrid or other wedges and the gap to the irons becomes too big or too small. We have this flexibility with our Japanese clubs and appreciate it in clubmaking.

What we also appreciate about our Japanese manufacturers is the focus on their core competence. All these manufacturers focus on making their clubs better. Other manufacturers focus mainly on marketing, signing tour players and surpassing each other with marketing promises like 15m more length. It's true that Justin Rose has signed with Honma but apart from that Honma does not actively market and tries to sell a new club model twice a year even better than the previous one.

For you this also means that brands like Miura or Honma are very stable in value. If you buy a Miura set or a Honma driver today, you can be sure that it will not cost half as much in four months. Miura may bring out one new club per year and established clubs will stay in the range for years. They will be reworked only once, like the Miura CB-301 in 2019.

To summarize this topic again and to show why we rely on Japanese manufacturers:

  • Superior forging technology
  • Use of high-quality steel
  • Incredibly soft feeling at impact
  • Perfect adaptability even after purchase
  • Focus on core competence instead of marketing
  • Value stability and sustainability
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