Honma TWorld: TW757 Driver, woods and Irons

For Honma, 2022 means "Back to the Roots": There is finally a new TWorld series and thus a successor to TW747 and TR20. Both were very successful series for Honma and especially the TR20 series could win several awards and contributed to the fact that Honma is also better perceived outside of "Beres". For us, Honma has always been an insider tip with the TWorld series. Especially the P with light and high-quality Vizard shafts, as well as the V as a classic cavity back iron forged in Japan. The price of the TWorld series is also absolutely reasonable and far from expensive luxury. It is also important to mention at this point that the new TWorld series is also only fitted with very high-quality shafts. That's something you miss with the competition, especially in the carbon sector. The new TW 757 series again offers a very wide selection for very advanced, but also players with average club head speed: Two different driver heads, a fairway wood and hybrid and three different irons.

The Honma TW757 Driver

Honma has recognised the signs of times and brought a "draw biased" driver onto the market for the first time with the 757 series. The centre of gravity of this driver can be adjusted in such a way that it counteracts a slice and rather produces a draw. As with the TR20 series, there are again weight screws, which have two very decisive advantages:

Firstly, the head weight can be changed, which is particularly useful when the swing weight needs to be adjusted again. And secondly, the centre of gravity can be changed in a few simple steps. The TW757 D driver can not only be set to draw, but also to neutral. The TW757 S Driver, on the other hand, can be set for maximum launch and spin, but also for minimum spin and maximum length.

As usual with Honma, both drivers are equipped with the "Non Rotating Hosel". This allows you to change the loft and face of the driver without changing the shaft position. This is especially important because all Honma shafts are "spined" during the building process. So they are optimally positioned to avoid torque. This is exactly what is maintained no matter how you adjust the hosel.

Slightly different to the TW747 and TR20 series is the shaft selection. As usual, this offers a Vizard 757 shaft, which is primarily designed for a high launch. In addition, however, there are four different custom shafts: MA, MP, FZ and Platinum. The MA shaft, whose weight distribution is more in the tip and tends to produce an increased launch. The MP shaft, which is more neutral and produces a medium-high ball flight. And the FZ shaft for minimal launch and spin, a high kick point and maximum control off the tee.

The Vizard Platinum shaft is an extremely high quality shaft that produces even less torque than the other Honma shafts. This means that the Platinum shaft is comparable to the MP5 SR shaft in terms of stiffness, but has as little torque as the MP6 X shaft. This means less unwanted twisting but still a relatively soft feel.

The 757 driver also features the patented Carbon Slot technology for the first time.

Honma TW757 Woods and Hybrid/Utility

Honma has hardly changed anything in the basic principle of the woods and utility. As with the predecessors, the aim was to place as much weight as possible in the sole and save it in the crown. The 757 fairway wood and hybrid are also both slightly larger than their TR21 predecessors. The vertical reinforcement in the clubface also provides additional forgiveness while still maintaining high ball speeds.

Honma TW757 irons: P, Vx and B

Honma does not change the basic principle that a wide range of players should be covered with different iron heads. There was also a blade for very advanced players in the TWorld 747 and TR20. However, this is the first time Honma has used much more technology and ventured into the "Modern Blade" theme. This means that the blade still looks and plays like a blade. But it offers a higher MOI and more forgiveness - to be considered for players who do not hit every ball optimally. In our opinion, this is exactly the right way to go.

Little has changed with the 757 P, because this club head has long been a strength of Honma. The centre of gravity is located far down and at the toe. This ensures maximum launch and forgiveness. The extremely thin clubface also ensures high ball speeds. We are particularly pleased that the 757 P is again available with lightweight 50g shafts - in our opinion a perfect combination that is unique on the market, especially because of the high-quality carbon shafts.

The Vx iron is the classic cavity back iron that Honma has had in its range for a long time and has always slightly optimised. Similar to the B, the 757 Vx has a tungsten insert in the toe (but also in the heel) to increase the moment of inertia. The particularly soft feel of the completely forged head remains.

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