Shaft Options for Drivers, woods and irons - why it really matters

Shafts are often neglected although they are sometimes much more important than the club head. This is especially true for drivers, because the differences between the leading driver heads are only marginal and often hardly existent. Over the last few years, little has happened in this area and promises like "20 meters more length" can only be smiled at anyway.

With the irons it depends more on the head and even small details like offset, head shape, sole, etc. are decisive. Nevertheless, the shaft cannot be neglected here either and is still very important.

Nevertheless one can say that the shaft is most important for the driver and the lower the head speed becomes, the less important it becomes. Therefore, one hardly finds different shaft options in a putter or wedge.

The reason for this is simple: the higher the clubhead speed, the more force it exerts on a shaft and the more it can bend in all directions. It is precisely this ability to bend that matters and this is where good shafts differ from bad ones. Bad shafts are not round which can easily be found out with the right tool.

Bad shafts have the "kicking point" in the wrong place. With high club head speeds you want to have it as high up as possible, i.e. in the direction of the grip. However, bad shafts bend further down and cause a greater twist of the clubface.

Bad shafts also differ in weight. If you order a bad shaft with 70 grams it can also be delivered with 60 or 80 grams. This is not the case with good shafts.

In short: We at ExactGolf attach great importance to the right shaft. We only use quality shafts which we are convinced of and which are original - no OEM and Made For Shafts.

Because if you get a driver with shaft X from one of the big manufacturers today, you won't necessarily get the original shaft X. This is also logical if you look at the prices of shafts. This shaft X costs e.g. 400€, the driver however altogether 450€ - how is that supposed to work? It is an open secret that these offered shafts are not the ones they are thought to be.

We at ExactGolf don't go along with that and order the shafts separately as original. This is of course more expensive but it is guaranteed that you:
1) get the original stock you order
2) the shaft is of high quality
3) the shaft is reliable in properties and is the same in each club

That's our recipe for really good clubs.

Below you will find information about the different shafts:

Driver and wood shafts:

Graphite Design

Iron shafts in steel:

Project X
True Temper: Dynamic Gold

Iron shafts in carbon:

Aerotech Steelfiber
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