Shimada and Oban Steel Shafts for Irons

We currently use Shimada shafts very often and with good reason. They are of very high quality, suitable for a wide range of player types and absolutely affordable. This aspect must not be neglected, because for some shafts you can spend a small fortune. When Shimada supplies us with shafts, the difference in weight is practically zero, i.e. they are really just as heavy as they should be - and that on the gram. Shimada shafts are manufactured in Japan.


Light shaft, high launch. Built for players looking for a lightweight steel shaft.
Flex: R, F and S
Weight: 102g
Length: 41.5

Shimada S-Lite specifications: click to enlarge     

VWS 80-90-100

The new VWS shafts from Shimada come in three different weight classes, VWS 80 (100 gr.), VWS 90 (110 gr.) and VWS 100 (130 gr.). The shafts benefit from a very similar step pattern, but use a variable wall thickness to produce the three different weights.

VWS 80: R and S
Weight: 100g
Length: 41.5"

VWS 90: R and S
Weight: 110g
Length: 41.5"

VWS 100: S and X
Weight: 130g
Length: 41.5"

Shimada VWS 80-90-100 specifications: click to enlarge    


Medium to heavy shaft, low launch, for players looking for a medium ball flight.
Flex: R, F, S & X
Weight: 126g
Length: 42

Shimada Pro specifications: click to enlarge    

Oban CT Iron Steel Shafts

Oban now dares to use steel shafts and receives full support from Shimada. It would be wrong to compare the Oban CT with one of the Shimada shafts, it is too different for that. The Oban CT is available as CT-100, CT-115 and CT-125, the latter is a real tour shaft and only for fast swinging professionals and amateurs. The CT-100 and CT-115 are designed for a wide range of amateurs and are available in seven different flexes. The Oban CT shafts can also be used in a more variable way than other shafts. There are different shaft lengths that can be cut according to your needs, for example to make an S(+) flex a bit softer or harder. Therefore the Oban CT really offers all possibilities for extremely precise clubmaking.

The bend profile of the CT is unique with an extremely soft grip end, but a very stiff middle section and a soft tip section with the shaft becoming stiffer towards the end. Care should therefore be taken when "tipping" the shaft, as this would cause the stiffest part of the tip to be lost. This has to be considered carefully.

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