Honma Golfclubs: What makes them unique?

There is hardly any other manufacturer with as much tradition as Honma. And if you do a survey of golfers today what the most exclusive brand is most will surely answer with Honma. That's correct, because certain clubs from Honma are actually priceless. So you can spend well over 50,000 Euros on a complete set of Beres 5 star clubs. No question about it, only the very few can afford it and it is not the norm. Honma already plays in the upper market segment, but the clubs from the Tour World series are hardly more expensive than the well-known manufacturers. With hardly more expensive we mean about 1100 Euro for a complete set of irons.

But you also get handmade and forged quality from Japan and not machine-cast iron heads from China as with most other manufacturers who nevertheless call similar prices.

Honma has built up its standing over decades and the success does not come by chance. The strategy works in any case, because currently many clubs in Europe are out of stock - due to too high demand. They can only be purchased with a longer waiting period. Honma's customers usually take this waiting time for granted, after all, their clubs are also manufactured and assembled in Japan according to individual specifications.

By the way, this is also an important topic: Honma already assembles the clubs completely, unlike e.g. Miura or Vega which we are allowed to assemble and sell as one of very few clubmakers. What Honma wants is to keep control over the quality. Imagine that Honma sells single heads to clubmakers who mount shafts that don't fit. From the player's point of view, it is rarely the shaft or clubmaker that is to blame, but Honma. The brand would suffer from this and therefore Honma only delivers in one pieces.

This has advantages and disadvantages for you. The disadvantage is certainly that the choice of shaft and grip is limited. If you want to have a special shaft you have to take the corresponding waiting times. The advantage, however, is that you can be sure that the entire package is right and the quality meets the highest demands.

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What makes Honma better than all the others?

With every manufacturer you should ask yourself what makes them special and unique. For most big manufacturers this is just marketing - just because they have the big names of the tour under contract does not make the clubs better at the same time. At Honma these are quite clearly the in-house shafts like Vizard or ArmRQ. These are pulled by hand and have extremely low fluctuations in regards to shaft quality. These are sometimes very high with many other shafts. This means that no shaft is like the other. For example, we at ExactGolf only use shafts from manufacturers such as Nippon or Shimada which are also very good in this respect. This does not mean that the shafts from Honma are always better. However, they are the best in a certain range. And these are the light and soft graphite shafts which nevertheless have little torque. This means that although the shaft can be very light and soft, the twisting during the stroke does not go in the undesirable direction. The higher the number of stars, the better these values are. The 2 star shafts are already very, very good, but 3, 4 and 5 stars are even better. These also have a higher price tag as mentioned at the beginning.

So if you are looking for a manufacturer that is the best in this area, then the answer is without doubt Honma. These shafts are interesting for averagely good players, women and seniors who simply need light and soft shafts for their game.

The outstanding clubs from Honma

Honma TW757 P

This iron is so outstanding because it is a genuine Honma that covers a wide range of players and is available at an absolutely fair price, namely 1104 Euro. And this already with a large selection of different shafts. The P iron of the TWorld series is a classic two-piece iron that is forged partly from soft steel and can therefore be adapted accordingly in terms of lie and loft. More about the Honma TW757 P Irons.

Honmas TW757 P irons

Honma Beres Black Driver

The Beres Driver is very popular - despite a price similar to a complete Tour World iron set. The ArmRQ shafts are exceptional and the advantages of the Beres Driver are quickly apparent. Because these shafts are especially light and soft without much torque - a special feature of Honma shafts. And the driver's club head speed is the highest and that's where you least need these twists in the shaft which can cause additional dispersion.

More about the Honma Beres Black and Honma Beres Aizu Driver.

Honmas Beres Black Driver

Honma Beres Aizu Irons

Without any doubt a classic and already sold by us for decades. The outstanding thing about the Beres irons is the combination of the Honma ArmRQ shafts and the club heads that make the game much easier. The sweetspot of these irons is felt to be infinitely large and the center of gravity very low so that any ball can be launched even at low clubhead speeds. The Beres irons are available for women and men, starting with 2* in various shaft weight and flexes. More about the Honma Beres Aizu Irons for men here.

Honmas Beres irons with 3 stars.


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