Honma prices: How expensive are Honma golf clubs?

Honma is without a doubt the most famous Japanese manufacturer and if you ask a player what he associates with Honma he usually answers "luxury" or "expensive". So Honma has this image and probably won't get rid of it that fast. However, there can be no talk of expensive clubs only if you take a closer look at the entire product portfolio.

In the following article we explain why Honma clubs are more expensive than the clubs of big western manufacturers and what prices you have to expect.

Raw material for Honma clubs

Honma uses a special steel that is in no way comparable to cheap industrial steel. This steel is still used by most golf club manufacturers. However, Honma uses a particularly soft steel which is noticeable with every ball contact. To use this steel alone is much more expensive than industrial steel.

Hand forged irons

Honma irons are always forged, at least if possible. A Honma TW747 V iron, for example, can be forged from one piece. "Two-Piece" irons like a Honma Beres can only be partially forged. But you can be sure: wherever possible, Honma will forge its irons by hand. This process is much more complex than casting.

Handmade Shafts

Honma makes most of the shafts on offer itself and is known for it throughout the industry. For Honma Tour World irons, shafts from other manufacturers can be selected, but Honma prefers to use its own shafts. Because they know that they can make them especially well and that they fit best to their club heads.

This is especially important for the Beres range. Honma Beres is not a leader in a certain market segment in terms of quality for nothing: the ArmRQX shafts are extremely light and soft and yet have very good torque values. This value is a decisive quality criterion for shafts. The higher the number of stars selected, the better this value. These special shafts alone make the purchase of Beres clubs worthwhile for many players.

And it is extremely difficult and cost-intensive to manufacture these shafts in such a way that they meet the quality requirements. Producing a 4- or 5-star shaft means living with a lot of rejects. Because only very few shafts meet the high values at the end of the day.

Honma's TWorld Series Competitive Prices

The TWorld 757 series has been on the market since 2021. The prices of the TWorld series are very competitive with 1104€ for a set of irons. Of course, Honma also charges a premium for premium shafts and additional irons, but even then you are only in the range of 1500€. And it doesn't matter if you go with the TW757 P, Vx or B. The Tour Worlds are conceived for average to very sporty players and in regards to prices absolutely ok. Also the TW757 Driver is competitive with 649€.

If you think about what you get with a set of Tour World: Precise quality from Japan, handcrafted, forged from soft steel with original shafts and what you get for similar money from other big manufacturers: fluctuating quality, industrially manufactured bar stock from industrial steel with partly inferior OEM shafts, the decision is easy. 

Honma Beres as flagship model

However, the Beres series is in a completely different league than Tour World and is basically designed for a different type of player. As already mentioned, the special thing about the Beres is the light and soft shaft which simplifies the game extremely.

A Honma Beres iron is not under 400€ and the Driver belonging to it not under 1000€. Even in the 2-star version which is the minimum. A 3-star set is already over 4,000€, 4-stars over 10,000€ and 5-stars even just under 40,000€. No question, 4 and 5 stars are not often sold and with these prices one can justify the expenditure only with a Beres being a status symbol. Even if a 5-star Beres is the absolute highest quality, the surcharge is extremely high.

In the following a short overview of the prices of Honma:

TW757 P, Vx and B Irons - 6 irons in steel shafts: 1104€ and in graphite shafts 1194€
TW757 Driver: 649€, fairway wood 379€ and hybrid 349€.

Honma Beres Driver in 2 stars: 1065€ and in 3 stars: 1400€
Honma Beres Fairway Wood: 730€ and 785€
Honma Beres Hybrid: 560€ and 625€
Honma Beres Irons from #6-#11: 2610€ in 2 stars and 3690€ in 3 stars.

Honma Beres Black Irons 500€/piece, driver 1250€, fairway wood 750€ and hybrid 600€.

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