Mizuno Golfclubs

Mizuno is a brand that really every golfer knows. They also say "Nothing feels like a Mizuno" - precisely because the Mizuno irons are so legendary and known for their soft feel at the moment of impact. The same could be said of Miura, Honma or Vega irons. Because all these Japanese manufacturers basically use the same soft steel. However, the manufacturing processes are slightly different. Mizuno uses the "Grain Flow" process where small air bubbles are "stirred" out of the steel before the iron is forged. Miura does the same by applying more pressure in the forging process. You see: The differences are in the details. Fact is: Mizuno irons are popular for a good reason. Their manufacturing process also allows for very precise production with only small tolerances. Mizuno thus walks the tightrope walk between industrial mass production and highest quality. Mizuno irons are also produced in Japan, but no longer by hand. The manufacturer has also become too big for that.

Mizuno Irons: MP-20 and JPX919

There is no question that Mizuno is best known for its irons. Meanwhile they also produce very good drivers and wedges, but it was a long learning process the company had to go through. The irons have made them big and the fact that so many Tour players trust Mizuno irons even though they get no or much less money than other manufacturers speaks for itself. Mizuno is a constant in the professional and amateur world with their irons.

The origins of Mizuno are the blades. The golf market has changed a lot over the decades and so has Mizuno. Today Mizuno still has one real blade in its product range, the MP-20. All other six current irons range from very large heads that look like blades (MP-20 HMB) to classic cavity back irons (MP-20 MMC) to double shell irons that are extremely forgiving (JPX919 series). You could say: Mizuno irons have something for every playing level.

Especially the MP-20 HMB irons are very popular because they look like the MP-20 Blade but offer a much bigger clubface and more offset. So the HMB forgives many mistakes, makes playing the long irons very easy and is therefore ideal for mixed sets. By the way, ExactGolf allows you to configure these as you wish. Mizuno really offers all possibilities you could wish for.

Customization possibilities with Mizuno irons

Mizuno irons, like all other irons on ExactGolf, are forged from soft steel and are therefore also suitable for adjusting loft and lie. This allows us to respond to every little change in the whole set. For example, if you need more loft in the irons or your swing has changed and you need a different lie, we can make the adjustment at any time without leaving marks.

When you order your Mizuno irons from us you can make these adjustments during the ordering process. You also have the choice of different shafts which we can offer shorter or longer if required. 

Mizuno putter

In the past Mizuno had putters developed by Bettinardi or Scotty Cameron but they have not been very successful with these models. In 2020 Mizuno is starting a new attempt with the MCraft series which offers three different putter models that exactly match our expectations: Forged soft steel with a milled face for a soft feel and best rolling characteristics on the green. As the only Mizuno dealer we also offer various adjustments like loft and lie modification, Super Stroke grips or shorter shafts.

Mizuno Driver and Wedges

The new Mizuno ST200 is considered by many to be the "best driver you will not buy". The reason for this is that Mizuno has not yet established itself as the leading driver brand but still offers very good quality. This means that the drivers can easily keep up with the big ones in the industry but in case of doubt most players will go for the brands they have already had in their bag and worked for them.

The situation is similar with the wedges. There are some tour players who fully trust in the special shape of Mizuno wedges. Mizuno has provided its tour players with a wedge that was not designed for the mass market. This has now changed and the T20 wedge is now in mass production. The special characteristic about this wedge is the additional weight at the top of the clubface. This allows the T20 Wedge to provide more constant spin in the vertical hitting area. This is important considering how often most players hit the ball with the wedge thinly or slightly fat.

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