Mizuno MP20 HMB Irons

Product image 1Mizuno MP20 HMB Irons
Product image 2Mizuno MP20 HMB Irons
Product image 3Mizuno MP20 HMB Irons
Product image 4Mizuno MP20 HMB Irons
Product image 5Mizuno MP20 HMB Irons
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Product image 7Mizuno MP20 HMB Irons
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This iron is certainly a new milestone in Mizuno's success story. It looks just like the MP-20 Blade and therefore very noble and classic. Behind it, however, is a Players iron that makes it as easy as possible for the player. The MP-20 HMB has a relatively large offset, a wide sole and topline and a large clubface. The center of gravity of the iron is located far down and behind the face, making a launch as easy as possible. And these characteristics are possible without deviating from the classic look. All the technology like stainless steel and tungsten inserts are inside the club head. This makes the MP-20 HMB also perfect for a mixed set of MP-20 where the HMB is used for the long irons.

This makes Mizuno very trendy. Even on the tour the trend is to replace the long irons. Either with hybrids or with irons that are much easier to play than the HMB. The irons are also perfectly matched so that you can replace single irons 1:1. This is what makes the MP-20 series so special. At ExactGolf we offer you the possibility to create your own custom set. Just click here.

The MP-20 HMB combines Mizuno's traditional manufacturing with the latest technology. The result is a club head that is visually appealing and looks like a classic blade. But the technology inside is even more convincing. Like the MP-20, the MP-20 HMB is also covered with copper which in combination with the soft steel contributes to the typical soft Mizuno feeling at impact. The nickel-chrome finish gives it a shiny look, but also manages to absorb direct sunlight to avoid blinding the player.

You can configure the MP-20 HMB with the popular shafts of Dynamic Gold, Project X, KBS and Nippon. We will be happy to customize lie and loft for your or check that it fits 100% and is compatible.

Standard set 5-PW.

Mizuno MP20 HMB Specs and Lofts

Loft in ° Lie in ° Offset in Inch Length in Inch
#2 16 59 0.15 39.5
#3 19 59.5 0.146 39
#4 22 60 0.142 38.5
#5 25 60.5 0.138 38
#6 28 61 0.134 37.5
#7 32 61.5 0.126 37
#8 36 62 0.118 36.5
#9 41 62.5 0.11 36
PW 46 63 0.102 35.5 

About Mizuno

Mizuno is one of the very few manufacturers who are able to produce large sclaes of club heads and still achieve an exceptionally high quality. This is possible through an innovative manufacturing process for their irons and by individual assembly in each of their core markets. In Europe the assembly takes place e.g. in Scotland. However, the club heads are mass-produced and exported in Hiroshima, Japan. This makes it possible to assemble and customize each Mizuno iron set individually.

For decades Mizuno has been using the innovative "Grain Flow" process to remove unwanted air inclusions in the steel. This is followed by the forging process typical for Japanese manufacturers. This means that all Mizuno irons that can be forged from the head shape are also forged and not cast as with most manufacturers. Usually the forging process is too complex and expensive for high volumes. That is why it is rarely used by the major manufacturers. Mizuno makes no compromises and still manages to produce a high number of club heads without losing control of the costs.

Each set of irons is then individually assembled in Scotland exactly as you order. This process is much more precise and can be adapted to many more wishes than other large manufacturers. This is why Mizuno is far superior to most other manufacturers when it comes to individuality. You can choose from dozens of shafts, grips and can determine shaft length, loft and lie virtually at will.

There are, however, limitations and these affect the swing weight of long and short clubs. Mizuno has its limits when it comes to customization - but not for us as individual clubmakers. For example, if you want a shaft that is 1 inch longer, you would have to take weight out of the clubhead so that the swing weight is not too heavy. We drill the clubheads from the inside. Mizuno cannot do this. This means that a club over 1/2 inch longer or shorter will most likely not have the correct swing weight. It is strongly recommended that you contact us to discuss this issue before ordering the club.

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