Custom Fitting in our fitting centre

We are offering custom fitting in our fitting centre in Rosenheim, Germany, near Munich. That is what we are doing for decades and are well known for our expertise. This way we can work on every little detail and get the perfect settings done. 

Please get in touch with us to make an appointment: or +49 8031 7986088.

Prices for Fittings 2023


Montag bis Freitag: 1-1.5 Std. - 150€

Samstags: 1-1.5 Std. - 175€


Montag bis Freitag: 1-1.5 Std. - 150€

Samstags: 1-1.5 Std. - 175€

Woods & Hybrids:

Montag bis Freitag: 30-45min- 75€ 

Samstags: 30-45min - 90€


Montag bis Freitag: 30-45min- 75€

Samstags: 30-45min - 90€

The process of a custom fitting looks as follows:

We take a look at your current clubs and review specifications like actual lie, loft, weight, length, etc. Then you will hit a couple of balls on our simulator to see in what direction the club is supposed to go and how well the current clubs fit you. Also we measure the length of your arms and necessary lie of the clubs. 

When there's room to improve we will build clubs for test purposes. We can do pretty much every club and shaft combination that makes sense and that is within your budget. We will have two or three combinations to start with. Let you hit 20 balls with each and compare the results. 

We will go from there and see if there's more room for improvement. What we can guarantee is that you will have the proper length, weight and lie of the clubs already. Rest is about optimizing trajectory, dispersion, length, etc. and also about the feel which is highly subjective.

After that we can confidently send you home with a set of custom clubs that are 100% fit to your actual settings and requirements.

You may ask how this is different to other club fittings?

Well, first of all it's very rare that club fitters measure the actual proportions of your body, check your ball contact to determine the lie and are even able to make the proper adjustments. Most fittings are meant to sell clubs that are not flexible at all. That means most of the time you get a stock head with a choosen stock shaft. But that's not enough.

Also very rarely any clubfitter will analyze your current clubs. Because there's a chance that your current clubs are just fine and there's nothing to do. Or maybe just slight adaptations that do not require to buy a new set of clubs.

Then there's a reason why we only work with Japanese golf clubs, especially irons. They are not only of the highest quality but they also allow us to make proper adjustments. For example we can change the lie as often as we want. This is not the case with other irons from big manufacturers that use industrialized and harder steel. They would brake if you try to do it. The lie is very important and can change over time, so it makes a lot of sense to change it on your current clubs without having you to buy a new set.

Then we can adjust the weight within the club head through a very special drilling process. This takes away weight from the hosel to compensate for changes in shaft lengths for example.

Impressions from our new fitting centre in Rosenheim, Germany

Jonas Weiss & Florian Achenbach - Club Fitters @ ExactGolf


ExactGolf High Score: 1990 km

1990 km - this is the longest distance an ExactGolf customer has ever travelled to get fitted with us. We are very happy about that and congratulate on a new set of Miura MC-501s including Miura Wedges, ICL Driving Iron and a Carrybag.

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