Srixon Golf Clubs: irons and woods

Srixon is a manufacturer known mainly for its golf balls. This is not surprising, as Srixon has over 90 years of experience in this field and holds over 800 patents. This is definitely impressive and shows how much Srixon engineers are driven by innovation. In principle, the same applies to golf clubs. And even though Srixon does not have 90 years of experience in this area, the performance of the new ZX Series shows that Srixon is on a very, very good path. In short: Srixon has managed to catch up with the big names in the industry in just a few years and has simply produced very good golf clubs overall. The current ZX Series in particular shows a performance that does not have to hide from the market leaders.

Overall, however, Srixon is relatively unknown in Europe, but this is only because there is little investment in marketing and the sponsored tour players are mainly on the women's and Asian tours. However, Srixon also sponsors a few well-known names on the PGA and European Tour: Hideki Matsuyama, Graeme McDowell, Shan Lowry, Keegan Bradley and more. We are convinced that Srixon clubs will naturally become better known over the next few years - precisely because good quality quickly gets around.

Irons forged in Japan

Srixon uses both traditional Japanese forging technology and new innovations. The traditional, one-piece forged irons are the ZX7 and the Blade. The ZX7 is forged from a single piece of soft steel, but with some refinement. E.g. with a tungsten insert in the toe to increase the MOI. Or by the fact that the grooves differ between long and short irons. Irons such as the Srixon ZX Utility or ZX5 are "Hollow Construction" or "Two Piece Construction" irons that cannot be forged. The structure is too complex for that. They contain much more technologies like the so-called "Main Frame" and more tungsten inserts to optimise the weight distribution.

Srixon ZX7: Classic Cavity Back Iron

If you are looking for a classic cavity back iron with an exceptionally soft feel, you will certainly find it in the Srixon ZX7. We offer this iron on ExactGolf in all imaginable configurations and, if necessary, we can make our own adjustments. The Srixon ZX7 is available with shafts from all leading manufacturers, especially Nippon with Modus, NS Pro Neo, Zelos and Co. Other shaft options include KBS, Dynamic Gold, Project X, Steelfiber and, as graphite, their own Miyazaki shafts as well as Mitsubishi Diamana and Recoil.

The Srixon ZX7 is relatively big for its class and gives a lot of self-confidence in the response position, especially due to the thick topline. The slightly larger hitting surface compared to other cavity back irons also makes for more forgiveness. In addition, the tungsten insert in the long irons increases the MOI even more. This gives you more forgiveness when hitting outside the sweet spot.

Srixon ZX5: More forgiveness and ball speed

Although the Srixon ZX5 looks very similar to the ZX7, the design is completely different. It is a "Two Piece Construction", i.e. a club that cannot be made in one piece like the ZX7. Strictly speaking, it is put together from three pieces. The reason for this construction is simply that you have much more room to adjust the weight distribution. This makes it possible to optimise the MOI and launch, for example. But most importantly, the clubface can be manufactured completely independently. And here Srixon focuses on a special feature, the "Main Frame".

Using artificial intelligence, the clubface has been designed to maximise ball speed but also to keep it consistent - across the entire clubface. The input for this learning process was provided by amateurs - players who do not hit every ball perfectly in the middle. Srixon is one of the very few manufacturers that already use this technology. The result is a "hot" hitting surface that allows high ball speeds even with suboptimal hits.

Srixon ZX Utility and Driving Iron

The ZX Utility is also constructed with this "Main Frame". However, the iron is again built slightly differently, namely as "Hollow Construction". This allows for many more options from an engineering point of view - including the ability to move the centre of gravity much further away from the clubface. This is especially important for a utility because only this way a high launch is possible. The ZX Utility is ideal as an extension of the long iron or hybrid alternative. It is available in irons 2, 3 and 4 and - thanks to soft steel - can be adjusted in terms of loft at any time. This minimises the gaps between clubs.

Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 Drivers

The new driver from Srixon boasts a whole range of technologies. However, the basic concept is very similar to that of the Honma TR20 driver: a carbon crown saves a lot of weight, so that the weight is concentrated as much as possible on the area of the sole. Similarly, both drivers have weight screws that can also be replaced. The ZX7 driver has two weight screws, the ZX5 driver only one. With two weight screws you can adjust the draw and fade tendency relatively easily. With both drivers it is possible to adjust the head weight and therefore also the swing weight. Especially with shorter shafts or heavier grips this makes a lot of sense. Most manufacturers simply ignore this important function. However, Srixon knows how important the swing weight is and gives players all the adjustment options they need to get the best out of their round.

The ZX5 Driver is designed for a high launch and maximum MOI. The ZX7 driver is designed for less spin and more length. Both drivers have an adjustable hosel and can be adjusted in loft, lie and face position.


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