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What makes this driver stand out is the weight management that plays a crucial role when it comes to performance. Honma achieves this with a titanium construction and a carbon shell. According to own information there is no manufacturer who uses more carbon than Honma in the TR20. The purpose is to remove the weight in unwanted places. So it is not necessary that the crown is provided with weight. Therefore Honma builds it as light as possible. Honma has already done this with the TWorld 747 Driver. But there the carbon was still painted black. With the TR20 this is now visible everywhere.

A novelty compared to the TWorld 747 Driver are the three weight screws which are now also intentionally easy to exchange. Honma goes without the meanwhile usual rails to adjust the weight. These are not as efficient as simple screws which the player can replace at any time. The TR20 comes standard with two 3g and one 9g screws whose position can be freely chosen. Depending on where the heavier screws are installed, the weight is shifted in the driver head. This has influence on the spin as well as the direction. The TR20 driver can be set to anti-slice by placing the heavy screw in the heel. Maximum launch is achieved when the heavy screw is in the rear area. And minimal spin is possible by placing the screw directly behind the clubface.

The TR20 driver is also equipped with the popular "non rotating shaft" system that allows players to adjust the driver without twisting the shaft. You can easily vary the loft and clubface position.

There are three different Vizard shafts available in 50g, 60g and 70g. All shafts have different bending profiles. The 50g shaft is a so-called high-balance shaft. The 70g, on the other hand, provides maximum directional control and is therefore especially suitable for better players.

Available in 8.5°, 9.5° and 10.5°.

Honma TR20 Driver Review and Specs

The Honma TR20 Driver is a small milestone in Honma's history. Because it replaces the long-standing Tour World series and heralds a new era. The Honma TR20 Driver has some special features to offer and is therefore also a big step forward to its TWorld 747 predecessor.

Adjustable weight screws

You have to be honest: With all the technology and new drivers, there are very few who have understood that it is very useful to be able to adjust the head weight. Drivers who do not offer this possibility need to inject the weight and let it dry in the head. The advantage is that you can't see the weight anymore, but the disadvantage is that you can't undo it. If you decide to change the shaft or grip or simply want to vary the swing weight, you can practically no longer use the driver. This was also the case with the TWorld Driver.

And Honma now offers a possibility that hardly any other manufacturer offers: There are three places for weights installed which you can choose freely. With the weight set it is possible to change the swing weight radically. And not only that, you can also vary the launch, spin and draw tendency.

This function is absolutely necessary for many reasons. For example, if you want to play with a shorter shaft, the swing weight would be extremely low if you don't adjust the weight on the head. For example, if you have a driver with swing weight D1 and shorten it by half an inch, you will get a swing weight of C6 without adjustment, which would be much too light for advanced players. With the Honma TR20 driver it is enough to replace a 3g screw with a 9g screw to compensate for this.

How does the weight adjustment work?

The adjustment of the weights works as shown in the following image. The more weight you move forward, the lower the spin but also the MOI. This setting only makes sense if you want to optimize the length and the control is secondary for you. Less spin means longer distances, but automatically also less control in ball flight. A hook or slice tendency will be increased. The MOI is then also minimal and does not help to stabilize the club head.

The MOI can be maximized by placing as much weight as possible in the rear area. This also increases spin and launch, allowing maximum precision.

The TR20 driver also has a slot in the heel area. This allows an anti-slice setting. This is usually undesirable for better players and therefore this slot will either remain empty or only be equipped with the 3g weight screw.

Honma TR20 Driver Variants

There are two different head shapes and sizes: 440 and 460. 440 is also available with 8.5° - 460 with 9.5° and 10.5°. Basically we would rather recommend the 460cc version - unless you are a very advanced player who hits the ball very consistently with the driver and wants to achieve maximum precision. Justin Rose helped develop the 440cc version and it fits his needs perfectly. But Justin Rose is Justin Rose...

Honma TR20 adjustment possibilities

Like its predecessor, the driver head can be adjusted in terms of loft and face position without rotating the shaft. This is desirable in several ways and Honma is the only manufacturer with this patented system. The loft can be adjusted by 1° up or down.

The shaft options

Honma offers the in-house Vizard shafts as usual. These are available for the Honma TR20 Driver in three different weights and bending profiles: 50g, 60g and 70g. The kickpoint moves upwards with increasing weight. The Vizard shafts are available at no extra charge and as usual are of very good quality. In our opinion, this shaft is a real option even for very good players.

As with the TWorld Driver, there are several options available to the player with the FD and FP surcharge shafts. There are really no limits and the range goes up to 80g shafts that would be suitable for the best drivers on the tour. Basically, we would rather recommend an FD shaft as the FP version has an extremely low launch. And we must also make it clear that this option of FD6 and up should only be considered from a clubhead speed of over 105mph. However, as this issue is quite complex we would ask you to contact us.

In our first test our player was able to achieve a constant 240m total length with 99mph clubhead speed. The 60g Stiff shaft with a 10.5° head in D2.5 was used as swing weight.

Our impression of the TR20 Driver

We have now had enough time to test the new TR20 driver and believe that it is one of the best drivers for the 2020 season. And that for several reasons. First of all the spin values are absolutely convincing and very constant. This was something we had to criticize about the TWorld driver. Honma has made extreme gains in this respect. Due to the partly low spin, very long shots are possible. But the TR20 driver is not one of those absolute "low spinners" that are hard to control. For us it is the perfect compromise between length and control and low fluctuations in spin.

The next point that makes this driver a real competitor to the big brands is the possibility to not only adjust the club head without rotating the shaft, but also to manage the head weight itself. This really allows you to set the right weight in no time at all. For those who like to experiment, we strongly recommend the purchase of the additional weight set. This allows you to get the most out of the TR20 driver and optimize it in terms of launch, spin and direction.

One point that is becoming an issue for more and more players is the sound. Modern drivers sometimes sound extremely bright and unpleasant. The TR20 is definitely an exception. It sounds rather dull and rich and therefore very pleasant.

Our conclusion

Seldom have we been so convinced by a club as we have been by the new TR20 driver. The spin is low enough for long distances but not too low to make control difficult. The spin and launch can also be adjusted by moving the weight either further forward or back. This does not require the additional weight set. The standard driver already has two 3g and one 9g screw. Depending on where you place the 9g you determine the center of gravity. To actually adjust the swing weight and make further changes, the weight set is advisable.

Our first impressions of the TR20 driver

Justin Rose has, as with the TW747 driver, played a major role in the development of the TR20 driver. So the result is one that suits Justin Rose best. Especially the small 440 driver meets his expectations. Nevertheless, one must admit that the small driver is rather something for very good players and the majority will fall back on the large 460 version.

The first thing that stands out is the very high quality finish of the carbon materials. In comparison to the TW747 driver, the TR20 driver looks much more valuable. The black design with the chrome elements gives it an aggressive look that provides confidence on the tee.

As far as swing weight is concerned, the TR20 Driver is between D1 and D2.5 depending on the driver variant. If you want to change this, you can't avoid the additional weight set. There are endless possibilities and you can vary the swing weight, launch and spin as you like.

The sound of the new TR20 driver is significantly richer than that of its predecessor and far less bright. Of course, the DNA of both drivers is very similar. But especially in terms of looks, weight settings and sound, a lot has changed. In our opinion, this is another clear step forward for Honma in this market segment.

About Honma

Honma is a manufacturer from Japan like no other. It has been copied many times but nobody has ever achieved what Honma has achieved. And that would be to establish itself as a premium manufacturer for whom the own claim is only the best of the best. That's why people are willing to spend tens of thousands of Euros on Honma equipment like the Honma Beres.

It's not that bad with the TR20 driver, of course, even if it's certainly not a bargain. But if it were one, it wouldn't be Honma on it. With the TR20 series, Honma has made a very important decision: players with a smaller budget should also be able to benefit from the excellent Honma quality. The first step was the release of the TW747 series and the second the contract with Justin Rose. This brings the Honma brand closer to a broad golf audience. So far, Honma has been seen as a niche player, someone who serves a small market segment and plays in a category that is far away from all other manufacturers.

This has now changed with the TR20 and any golfer can be happy with that. It means that he gets first-class Honma quality at fair prices. This applies to the TR20 iron sets but also to the woods and the driver. This one can show off with an adaptation system where the shaft doesn't rotate. Honma has already patented this system for some time and has now made it available to golfers with smaller budgets with the TR20 Driver.

Who decides for a TR20 Driver makes a certain statement: No compromises in quality and maximum performance. That's what every Honma club stands for like no other.

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