True Temper: Dynamic Gold Shafts

There is no doubt: purely in terms of numbers and reputation, Dynamic Gold is the #1 of all steel shafts. This has several reasons and at least shows that Dynamic Gold shafts can be anything but bad. Otherwise, not so many Tour players would bet on it.

The original Dynamic Gold shaft was introduced with a profile that was unique at the time:

With the Dynamic Gold, the grip area is relatively thin so that the player feels the shaft better in his hands. However, the tip area is strongly reinforced and provides low spin, a low launch and a stable ball flight.

And at this point we already reached the disadvantages of the Dynamic Gold shaft: This profile is only advisable for really good players. Players with slower club head speed than Tour players, for example, will usually have problems getting the ball in the air. The original Dynamic Gold and Dynamic Gold Tour Issue are also very heavy, ranging from 127g to 132g. This is also not an option for many amateurs.

Of course, the original Dynamic Gold has evolved into a wide variety of weights. So there is everything from 95g to 120g.

True Temper also has other shafts in their portfolio such as the AMT, Binary, Elevate or XP95. In our opinion the AMT concept is especially interesting, because the weight of this shaft decreases with the length of the iron. With long irons you play with slightly lighter shafts and can (possibly) accelerate them better.

Who are Dynamic Gold shafts suitable for?

Basically, Dynamic Golds are designed for players with very high club head speed who want to achieve a flat and controlled ball flight. Dynamic Gold "invented" this segment and has therefore secured a strong market position.

Not everyone strives for such a ball flight and not everyone is able to swing so fast. For these types of players, Dynamic Gold naturally has other and above all lighter shafts in its range. However, in our opinion there are much better options in the segment of especially light steel shafts, such as those from Nippon and Shimada. They not only know how to develop very durable, light steel shafts, but also have a wide range of shafts that make the launch much easier.

On ExactGolf you can configure all clubs from Miura, Honma or Mizuno with Dynamic Gold shafts.

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