Honma Beres Driver for Men - Beres 09 for 2024

Product image 1Honma Beres Driver for Men - Beres 09 for 2024
Product image 2Honma Beres Driver for Men - Beres 09 for 2024
Product image 3Honma Beres Driver for Men - Beres 09 for 2024
Product image 4Honma Beres Driver for Men - Beres 09 for 2024
Product image 5Honma Beres Driver for Men - Beres 09 for 2024
Product image 6Honma Beres Driver for Men - Beres 09 for 2024
Product image 7Honma Beres Driver for Men - Beres 09 for 2024

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Honma Beres is a series that is now in its ninth generation and has been satisfying our players for many years. This is simply due to the unique concept, which is tailored to a very specific type of player. And no manufacturer is better suited to this type of player. We are talking about amateurs with below-average club head speeds and typical problems such as a slice. This is a major problem for many players, especially with the driver, and one for which only a few manufacturers really have a solution.

Honma succeeds in solving these problems with the lightweight construction of the shafts and heads, as well as a special weight distribution. And with the Beres 09 series, which will be launched in 2024, Honma has succeeded better than ever before. What has changed compared to its predecessor is the following:

  • Higher MOI for more forgiveness
  • Even lighter and softer shafts for easier launch and improved clubhead speeds
  • New materials and manufacturing processes to produce even higher quality lightweight shafts
  • Carbon in the sole and additional tungsten weight for an even stronger anti-slice tendency

Basically, these are all the important advantages that Honma Beres players are interested in. The really special thing about Beres is that the shafts are manufactured in-house and are truly unique in the industry. No other manufacturer manages to produce such light and soft shafts of such high quality and with so little torque as Honma. Honma Beres players therefore benefit from all the advantages of this lightweight construction without losing precision.

The Honma Beres 09 driver is available for both right-handed and left-handed players. A left-handed Honma Beres driver is finally a reality again (after a break of over four years).

The Beres driver is available in 9.5° and 10.5° loft - whereby 10.5° is certainly the most frequently chosen variant.

As usual, there is also a choice of 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars. The big difference lies in the quality of the shafts. The higher the number of stars, the higher the quality of the materials used and the lower the shaft quality. We usually recommend the 3* version, as this is the most sensible choice for most players in terms of price/performance.

The shaft weights are 45.5g for ARMRQ FX Light, 48g for ARMRQ FX Regular and 48g and 50.5g for SR and S.

If you are interested in the new Honma Beres Aizu Driver please contact us by email: info@exactgolf.com or phone: +49 8031 7986088.

Buy the Honma Beres Driver online

If you want to buy your next driver online, there are a few things to keep in mind. However, Honma makes the selection of its Beres clubs as easy as possible, which means that you should not be overwhelmed with options.

Shaft options for the Beres Driver

This already starts with the shaft for which there are not many options. Other manufacturers overwhelm their players with a variety of shafts, most of which make no sense at all for the respective group of players. Honma does this differently and only offers its own ArmRQX. However, it comes in four different weights and different flexes. The options are already optimally adjusted to the respective target group, i.e. you can only select the weight and flex options that actually make sense.

The basic rule for the shaft is that the selected weight should be based on the clubhead speed. The higher the clubhead speed, the heavier the shaft should be. Very high speeds are ignored because the Beres series is not aimed at professionals or very fast swinging amateurs. This is what Honmas Tour World Series is designed for. If you are swinging over 80mp/h with the driver you should already consider the heavy variants.

However, this topic is quite complex and we would advise you to discuss the topic briefly with us. You can reach us at any time via email, phone or live chat.

Stars and shaft quality

The shaft quality depends above all on the number of stars selected. However, it must be said that the 2-star version is also of very high quality and already significantly better than most other manufacturers. Most of them only use OEM shafts which are called the same as the originals, but are still none. With Honma this is not the case and with the Beres only the own shafts are used for which Honma has already made a name for itself.

If you choose 3 or more stars you get an even better quality and the club head looks somewhat different, sometimes more luxurious with gold inserts e.g. In the end, however, it's the shaft that counts and how much torque it "produces". These are, roughly speaking, the twists that can push the ball in the wrong direction. Honma knows how to keep it as small as possible like no other company and still build such light and soft shafts.

Shaft length

The shaft length should not be chosen without consideration. It is important to note that a change always has an influence on the swing weight. In addition, a longer shaft is always a case for "Honma Custom", which means that Honma itself makes the adjustment and accordingly the delivery time is 8-10 weeks. We can always shorten your shaft, but please note that it can not be extended afterwards. Therefore, please talk to us in advance. It would be a pity for this wonderful club if it does not fit perfectly at the end.

Honma Beres Driver Review

The new Honma Beres Driver has only been available for a short time, but for us this is a good reason to test it extensively. It was important for us to test the Beres Driver exactly as it is normally swung in practice. That means with a swing direction from outside to inside, a more open face and a positive Attack Angle. So the ball is hit in the upswing.

The data from our test averaged 7.5° from the outside, the clubface was 8.2° open and an Attack Angle of 3.7°. This is pretty much what you are dealing with in practice and you don't have to be a PGA Pro to know that such a shot usually ends with a slice. And yes, that's the miss a Honma Beres player is usually fighting against and with the new Honma Beres, they're as determined as never before to solve this.

The result also looks like this:

As you can see, the trajectory is still slightly curved to the right but not nearly strong enough for failure to be to the right. On the contrary. The ball landed more to the left of the target and this very consistently so that the player can easily adjust to it. Also remarkable are the spin values which are much higher with such a shot and such a soft shaft. The Honma Beres Driver produces relatively little spin, which has a very positive effect on the driving distance.

The look of the Honma Beres Driver

But back to the first impressions before the first drives were made. The Beres Driver looks much more noble than its predecessor which is mainly due to the high percentage of chrome. We already know this from the Honma XP1, but Beres plays in a different league. Impressive is that the chrome is very resistant. At first you have the feeling that you can see every stroke. But even after about 50 strokes not a single scratch was visible. So you don't have to be afraid that after the first round the club looks like used. Another nice feature is the new clubface with the Honma logo. But this has no real influence on the stroke and is more of a "gimmick".

The test club

The Honma Beres Driver was tested with 10.5° in the 3 star version and a 47g ArmRQ shaft. Theoretically there would still be a 42g shaft, but this is more for players for whom the 47g shaft might be too heavy. The 42g version is available with the new Beres but only from 3 stars and up. In general, the options for the 2-star clubs have been significantly reduced, so for example, longer shafts (which are honestly rarely necessary) are only available from 3 stars. Shorter shafts, on the other hand, are no problem and will be shortened by us at no extra charge.

Impression and feeling

What distinguishes this driver was mentioned at the beginning: it is an absolute anti-slice machine. And as usual of course the shaft is extremely light and soft so that it is very easy and pleasant to play. This also allows the club head to accelerate much better. There is simply no comparison to Honma Beres, which is also confirmed in the test. The driver accelerates with ease and achieves impressive ball speeds even at low head speed.

Now one could say that this was already the case with the predecessor. The S-06 driver was much less set up for Draw. The offset and face position of the new Honma Beres speak a clear language that says: "we don't want to see a slice". And that really works. The worst failures of our tester were fades in the finish. Only one ball landed to the right of the target and it was exactly 2.50m from the target line. These results are very impressive and, to be honest, we have not yet come across a comparable club.

The test result

The Honma Beres Driver is for players whose problem is mainly club head speed and slice. For a player who has difficulty accelerating a driver and who usually has to fight a slice, this driver will be a pleasure to play. Who needs the driver in the standard version with 47g will get along with the 2 star version. If you want a 42g shaft or a longer shaft you have to upgrade to 3 stars.

Honma Beres Driver Data

Loft, Swing Weight and Shaft Length

Available Lofts 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°
Volume 460cc
Swing Weight 47 R-Flex D-1
Swing Weight 47 SR-Flex D-2
Swing Weight 47 S-Flex D-2
Swing Weight 42 R-Flex
Swing Weight 42 SR-Flex
Swing Weight 42 S-Flex
Shaft Length in inch 45.75

About Honma

If you want to diversify your golf equipment nowadays, you don't have too many possibilities. Of course you can have your initials stamped on your wedge or your name embroidered on your bag. But this is not really unique. Honma makes it much easier for its buyers. And the nice thing about it is that you actually get more quality for your money. A Honma club is not only something unique and looks noble - it is also so much better in quality than anything produced by the big brands in the industry.

What makes Honma so much better is the club head, which is made of Japanese steel and other high quality materials like carbon, which is absolutely exact and without deviations. But you can also feel the difference with the shaft. Depending on the number of stars, the characteristics of the shaft improve with regard to the twists that occur during the swing. And Honma masters this like no other manufacturer. You will be able to produce shafts that are not only particularly soft, but also have less torque. The less torque, the more precise and reliable the shot.

This is a big issue with the driver in particular, as it achieves the highest club head speeds. That's why you profit the most from a good shaft and shouldn't make any compromises in quality. That's why the choice is Honma and you'll notice the difference on the first tee.

Honma clubs are unique, their perfection is second to none worldwide. Those who play Honma don't cut back on quality. No matter if 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars.

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