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The new Honma Beres Black series is an absolute eye-catcher. Honma works here with noble gold elements and an otherwise completely black finish. And even though the Honma Black Beres appear very "dominant", nothing has changed in the basic Beres concept. That means the lightest possible shafts with ideal launch conditions to get the maximum out of your club head speed.

And the choice of shafts has never been as wide as with the Beres Black 2022. We can actually cover everything from 42g to 55g, which is a very wide range for Beres. This makes the Beres Black suitable not only for seniors, but also for players with average club head speeds of up to 95mph for the driver. However, the standard options for Beres Black are between 42g and 50g.

New to the Beres Black is the Triple Sole Slot Technology, which primarily helps to better handle off-centre hits. And to be honest, these hits are usually not too rare. That's why Honma has significantly improved the Beres line in this respect and, among other things, minimised the "gear effect". Hits at the toe tend to hook less and hits at the heel tend to slice less. The slot technology can further improve the ball speed.

Honma works with variable thicknesses for the crown and thus saves weight in certain areas. The face of the Beres Black Driver features the successful L-Cup structure and a new design called "Evolved Radial Face". This allows for an optimised distribution of thickness to better handle strikes outside the sweet spot. In addition, the "Bulge and Roll" of the face has been significantly strengthened. This means, for example, that topped balls take on less spin and slightly undercut balls more. The result is much more consistent across the entire clubface.

In our opinion, the new Beres Black Series has a little less offset and the face is not quite as closed as its predecessor. However, this does not change the fact that the Honma Beres Black Driver is an absolute anti-slice machine. The shafts of the Beres Black Edition are designed for a somewhat flatter launch than the comparable Beres Aizu. The Black Edition also does not have the usual star categorisation.

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