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Honma Beres Ladies Irons 2020: The IE-06 successor

If you want to construct an iron head for ladies you have to know some things very well. Above all, it is the ability to distribute the weight in the club head in such a way that the ball can be carried into the air even at lower club head speeds. Furthermore, the club head should glide over the grass without losing too much speed. The club should also be able to forgive mistakes, because if you are honest, nobody hits the ball perfectly.

And if you have managed that, you need the right shaft for such a club. This may sound like a difficult undertaking, but Honma has been mastering this trick since the beginning of the Beres series. Of course, Honma keeps innovating and is improving the clubs accordingly. With the new Beres irons, the seventh edition of the series, the current best Honma club for women is now available.

Quite simply because Honma has implemented the above points excellently. A 20g tungsten weight is built into the sole to place the weight as far below the ball as possible. Thus each ball reaches the maximum flight altitude and thus also distance. Anyone who is not blessed with club head speeds of a longhitter will appreciate this additional distance.

The sole of the Beres has been enlarged by 2mm compared to its predecessor. That doesn't sound like much, but the effect is clearly noticeable. This minimizes the interaction with the ground, the club head does not lose any speed and allows to achieve the necessary distance even at less good moments of impact.

And compared to its predecessor, the sweetspot has also increased considerably, especially in the heel area, i.e. balls that are hit close to the shaft. But also at the toe of the club head. This is achieved by a wider weight distribution in these areas. Honma has simply placed more mass here so that badly hit balls don't lose so much distance.

But that's not all, because Honma is known for using only excellent shafts. In the case of the Beres ladies irons it is the ARMRQ X 38 which is very light - from 39.5 to 46g. And now we are already at a point where nobody can imitate Honma so fast. These shafts show extremely little torque and that even though they are so light and soft. An absolute rarity. And that's why Honma can hardly be beaten with this shaft combination. The more stars you choose, the higher the quality of the built-in shaft. And also the club head is "decorated" a little bit more, for example with more gold. But also the 2-star Beres iron set is qualitatively unbeatable. Who still needs the certain extra here, can decide for 3, 4 or even 5 stars though.

The Beres Ladies Iron Set is available from Iron 5 to Sand-Wedge where Iron 5 starts with 24° Loft. This is not unimportant when it comes to expanding the set with appropriate woods or hybrids.

If you have any questions please contact us through email: info@exactgolf.com or phone: +49 8031 7986088 or by the following contact form:

Review of the new Honma Beres ladies' irons

Something that strikes you immediately when you hold the new Beres irons in your hand for the first time is that they have been significantly upgraded optically. This is mainly due to the use of chrome which gives the club a very noble look. With the woods this is even more noticeable.

The irons not only differ from their predecessor in terms of looks, but also in terms of performance. In our test we all agreed: The new Honma Beres provide even more ball speed even with low club head speeds. The 38g shafts contribute a lot to this, because this is the only way to accelerate the club head properly. But that's not it. The ratio of ball and clubhead speed, the so-called smash factor, is very high. In our opinion, the difference is especially noticeable when hitting clean hits in the center. The Honma Beres irons have always been very forgiving. Even badly hit balls could develop very decent distances. The new Honma Beres are of course no exception. On the contrary. The effect has been significantly enhanced, especially with good hits. Whether this is due to the new Speed Slot technology built into the new sole is questionable.

Honma shows its full strength with the new Beres irons. Especially in the women's and seniors' area, Beres is the absolute leader, which is due to the innovative ArmRQ shafts, which Honma has always manufactured itself and perfectly tuned to the club heads. No other shaft is so light, soft and still has such good values. For women and players with low head speed who need a lightweight club, the new Honma Beres are a blessing.

The ladies irons in the Beres series are uniformly equipped with 38g shafts and are available as usual between 2 and 5 stars. There is still one small downer: the choice with 2 stars has been greatly reduced. If you need a slightly longer shaft, for example, you will have to choose the 3-star version. For shorter shafts, other lies and lofts we can make the adjustments ourselves and 2 star irons are still available.

Honma Beres Ladies Specs

Swing weight, Lofts and Shaft Length

  #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 SW
ArmRQX 38
Lofts in ° 27 30 34 38 43 49 56
Shaft Length in Inch 36.5 36 35.5 35
34.5 34 34
Offset in mm 3.5 3.5 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 2.5
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