The right club for thick grips: Jumbo and Midsize

The most obvious reason why a player needs a thicker grip is clear: he has big hands or long fingers. But there are also other reasons why a thicker grip can be useful. A thicker grip tends to close less during the swing - at least for most players. That's why there are tour pros who prefer a grip that is much too big, because they think it gives them more control. At this point we do not want to go into detail, but rather explain the challenges from a fitter's point of view if the grip has to be significantly stronger than standard.

Influence on the swing weight

The most important point is the influence on swing weight with a thicker grip. Thicker grips tend to be heavier and even a few grams have a big influence on the swing weight. Since a grip is located at the end of the shaft, its weight influences the swing weight as much as the weight of the club head, for example. For most golfers, a grip is a grip and no one would think that a "little bit of plastic" really has an influence.

However, this is the case, especially if you only pay attention to the thickness and not only to the weight of the grip. Of course, there are now thicker grips that are relatively light and have little influence. But you first have to know them and build clubs accordingly with them.

In short: a thicker grip is in most cases considerably heavier and makes the swing weight lighter. For example, if you take a club with swing weight D1 and simply mount a midsize grip, you will get a new swing weight of about C7 without any countermeasures. While D1 is a good swing weight for male amateurs, C7 would be a good ladies swing weight and much too light for most men.

Balance of the swing weight

If you want to mount such a grip, you can compensate for this with two variables: a longer shaft or a heavier club head. However, both should be considered carefully for several reasons.

A longer shaft should only be used if it fits. Simply using a longer shaft to compensate for the heavy grip and then, for example, gripping shorter is not a professional solution. This would be counter-balancing and this method has rightly not become established.

Fortunately, it is often the case that a player with big hands and long fingers is usually taller than average. A longer shaft is then also suitable and the swing weight balances out by itself. The other way round, of course, you would have exactly the opposite problem: if a player needs a longer shaft, but has small hands, the swing weight can become too heavy with a standard grip. In this case, a particularly heavy and yet thin grip would have to be used.

If a longer shaft is out of the question, the only thing left is an additional weight on the club head. It is best to use club heads that are heavier anyway - like Miuras. Otherwise you have to artificially manipulate the head, which is usually only possible by using a small weight in the hosel. This is the most elegant and proven method, but it is also a place where you don't like to put weight. You would rather have this behind the clubface. For this reason, simple lead strips are still a popular method even among professionals - even if they don't necessarily look nice.

Recommendation for players with thick grips

Our first recommendation would be to seek professional advice and contact us. These cases are always very individual and there is no blanket answer. First of all it should be clarified whether a thicker grip is necessary. Then there is the question of the appropriate shaft length. Possibly the issue will have been settled by then, namely when the longer shaft can be compensated with a heavy grip.

If this is not possible, the only option is to use extremely light but thicker grips and to install them. Or to choose a club that is naturally a bit heavier like a Miura iron or wedge.

For example, if you choose a lightweight clubhead with a standard shaft and a thick grip, you will definitely make the wrong choice in terms of swing weight. You will most likely have a club in your hand that is impossible to accelerate and control. Therefore good advice is important.

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