Special clubs - extra long or extra short golf clubs

It is no secret: those who are particularly large or small usually need shaft lengths that are outside the norm. Basically, most manufacturers offer significantly longer or shorter shafts. The problem, however, is that these clubs are likely to have a completely wrong swing weight. And that is ultimately decisive for the performance. Especially when it comes to longer clubs and the shaft is simply "extended" without further adjustments, the swing weight changes radically. The club becomes much too heavy to be swung properly.

Therefore a shaft extension is anything but trivial and only few manufacturers or clubmakers take this topic seriously. That is to say: if you order a shorter or longer club somewhere today, it is quite possible that the swing weight will not fit and you will not enjoy it. The consequence is an unsatisfactory performance and the fact that the club can only be adjusted afterwards with unbelievable effort. Assuming you have a club with a swing weight that is too high - because the shaft is 1.5 inches longer, the shaft would have to be removed, weight "drilled" out of the club head and possibly a lighter shaft would have to be used if the adjustment to the club head is not sufficient.

In short: The effort is usually not worth it and you should rather buy clubs from someone who is familiar with this adaptation and is also able to build such special clubs.

In these cases we usually use clubs from Miura or Vega because both are clubs that have to be completely assembled. This means that we take club heads from these manufacturers, customize them as needed, install an original shaft of the leading quality brands in the right length and weight, and assemble the components. The result is a club that fits exactly, even if it's more than an inch longer or shorter. But the swing weight is right and you will enjoy the clubs for a long time.

Basically a personal fitting is a good idea in these cases because you can also measure the body and get an impression of the swing. However, it is also possible to discuss the situation by phone or email and provide test clubs if necessary. Please contact us if you have any questions and are looking for special golf clubs that actually fit.
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