Miura iron that forgives the most

Miura is no longer only in the Blade and Cavity area on the way but concentrates for quite some time also on so-called "Player's Irons". These are irons that make it as easy as possible to get the ball into the air and forgive many mistakes. This means: You can hit the ball less optimally and it still flies like a cleanly hit ball in the sweetspot.

So-called "two-piece" irons have become indispensable for this. These are composed of two components and you can usually see that they do not come from a single mould. The best example for this is the Miura Genesis PP-9005. PP stands for the so-called Passing Point technology. From a distance you don't want to think of Miura directly with this iron head, but at the end of the day it's the performance that counts. And this is absolutely top with the Genesis PP, which is why this iron is one of our most sold irons since its first appearance. The club head is designed for a very wide range of players. It would be wrong to simply call such a club a "beginner's club" just because it forgives mistakes - there is basically no such thing.

Miura Genesis PP
In direct comparison with other Miura irons, the Genesis PP is probably the most forgiving iron. Even if it always depends on what mistakes you are talking about, the golf swing allows you to make a lot of mistakes and not only where on the clubface the ball is hit, but also the position of the clubface or the interaction with the turf. The bottom line is that the Genesis PP is probably the most forgiving Miura iron.
Miura IC-601
The Miura IC-601 would also be considered in this ranking. IC stands for inner cavity. This can already be seen on the weight screw on the back which provides additional weight. The IC-601 has as much mass behind the whole face as possible. This also makes it a very forgiving iron.
Miura CB-2008
The Miura CB-2008 is much more classic and belongs to the Cavity Back irons. It has a very distinct undercut though. It is forged in Japan as usual by Miura and does not consist of two components like the Genesis PP. The CB-2008 is therefore primarily intended for players who don't want to get completely involved with a "player's iron" and still need a similar performance. That means: forgiveness and a high launch even at low clubhead speeds.
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