Miura Tour Wedges

Product image 1Miura Tour Wedges
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Product image 3Miura Tour Wedges
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Miura Tour Wedge: More Spin, More Control, Deeper Scores

The feeling of hitting a Miura iron is hard to describe. And what applies to the famous irons also applies to the wedges. There are hardly any wedges that are forged with softer steel and thus give an unsurpassable feeling. Especially when it comes to getting the ball as close to the flag as possible.

The Tour Wedges give even more spin than the Miura Wedge Series because of the surface finish. In the past, the wedges were left standing in the rain for one night to rust and to achieve more spin. This is no longer necessary. The Miura Wedge won't rust as fast and still delivers the maximum spin you need with wedges - no matter how well you play.

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