Miura Y-Grind Forged Wedges

Product image 1Miura Y-Grind Forged Wedges
Product image 2Miura Y-Grind Forged Wedges
Product image 3Miura Y-Grind Forged Wedges
Product image 4Miura Y-Grind Forged Wedges
Product image 5Miura Y-Grind Forged Wedges
Product image 6Miura Y-Grind Forged Wedges

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After five years, it's time for a new edition of the tried-and-tested Miura wedges. The Y-Grind is most similar to the now discontinued High Bounce version, but differs slightly from it. It is being released in the same way as the Miura C-Grind wedge and is available immediately.

The Y-Grind wedge is ideally suited for bunkers, soft conditions or high rough. It has slightly more bounce than the C-Grind Wedge and the grind is far less aggressive. It is much better suited to players who come to the ball with a slightly steeper attack angle and simply need more support from the sole.

This is a characteristic that most average amateurs bring to the course and especially on Central European courses they benefit from a little more bounce. This is why the Y-Grind Wedge is the best choice for most players, apart from lob wedges, for which the Miura C-Grind Wedge is better suited.

The Miura Y-Grind Wedge is available from 46° to 56° and offers a little more bounce with 14° in the 56° wedge. Unfortunately, the Miura Y-Grind Wedge is not available in left-handed.

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