Miura C-Grind Forged Wedges

Product image 1Miura C-Grind Forged Wedges
Product image 2Miura C-Grind Forged Wedges
Product image 3Miura C-Grind Forged Wedges
Product image 4Miura C-Grind Forged Wedges
Product image 5Miura C-Grind Forged Wedges
Product image 6Miura C-Grind Forged Wedges

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Miura already has a long history of forged wedges and in 2024 this will (finally) continue. Two new wedges are now available, replacing the well-known Miura Tour and Miura High Bounce wedges. The new Miura wedges are only called "Forged" and differ in the grind.

The C-Grind wedge presented here corresponds to the more aggressive grind with less bounce (compared to the Miura Y-Grind Wedge). It is actually always difficult to give a generally valid wedge recommendation, as a lot is simply individual and also depends on the course conditions and the composition of the entire set.

In any case, the C-Grind is a wedge that can be used in a variety of ways around the green. The C-Grind allows you to vary the clubface considerably and, above all, to open it up without the leading edge moving too far away from the ground. Better players in particular will appreciate these properties and can make good use of the C-Grind, especially with wedges with more loft.

However, the C-Grind wedge is not a "low bounce" wedge and still has 12° bounce at 58° and 60°. This combination of an "aggressive" grind and a lot of bounce really is a very special variant that can be used in an extremely versatile way.

The Miura C-Grind Forged Wedge is available from 54° to 60°. Unfortunately only in right-handed and currently not in left-handed.

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