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Much hasn't changed with Miura's new blade compared to its predecessor - and that's a good thing. The MB-001 was one of the best blades ever made, and Miura has done just right not to change too much. Visually, the new MB-101 makes a different impression. The Miura logo is now black and not gold. In terms of shape and grind, there is only one little thing that stands out: The sole of the MB-101 is slightly wider than its predecessor. This makes the blade less aggressive when it comes to interaction with the turf. Nevertheless, the MB-101 is a real blade that serves its purpose. It is only suitable for players who know what they are getting into and how to handle such a club.

Overwhelmed with all the choices you have at ExactGolf? Just get in touch with us to discuss your right set of MB-101s. Let's find the right club, grip, shaft and length together.

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MB-101 Club Data

Iron 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW
Loft (°) 21 24 27 30 34 38 42 47
Lie (°) 60.5 61
Length 39.0 38.5 38.0 37.5 37.0 36.5 36.0 35.5

Miuras MB-101: A blade like no other

Anyone looking for a blade will find no better representative of this genre than the Miura MB-101, simply because blades are a dying species and fewer manufacturers dare to develop them. The trend is clearly towards cavity back and player's irons that maximize forgiveness. Now the big BUT: The MB-101s are not necessarily hard to play or makes your life any harder. Not at all. Because Miura has made great efforts not only to defuse the blade optically but also to make it more forgiving. The Miura MB-101 gives a good feeling in the setup even if the head is smaller than the cavity back irons from Miura like the CB-301 or CB-1008. But the head doesn't look like there is a realistic chance to miss the ball. This was the focus during the development of the new Miura MB-101: to make such a classic blade as playable as possible without messing with the core principle of a blade. And no other manufacturer has succeeded in this regard like Miura did.

That's why the Miura MB-101 is also used as a reference for a good blade. If a club tester compares e.g. a cavity back with a blade, the MB-101 will be the best choice. Because it is the most classic and in many eyes the best blade on the market today.

No question, the Miura MB-101 is only something for good players who want to hit the ball consistently and "play" with it. So you want to place it from the left, from the right, with a lot of spin or with little spin on the green and so on. However, it makes no sense to specify a minimum handicap or the like. For some types of players, this blade makes sense even with a relatively high handicap. For others, however, this is not the case despite the plus handicap. It is therefore difficult to answer this question. But the fact is that you should have a weakness for classic club heads. Then you will find practically no alternative on the current golf market. Provided, of course, that you are also looking for first-class quality and are not satisfied with bar stock.

Iron set from 4-PW or 3-PW.

Buy the Miura MB-101 Blade online

If you are interested in this "Japanese Sword" we assume that you are a very advanced player. Someone who doesn't hit the ball consistently will have little fun with such a club. Of course, that's relative, because the Miura Blade looks harder to play than it actually is. However, you should know exactly what your requirements for this club are and it is accordingly easy to configure it online.

Set size: 3-PW or 4-PW?

As a very good player, the question of whether a 3 iron is required or not always arises. You can't make any general statements here and it also depends strongly on players preferences. A 3 iron is usually easier to control than a hybrid or wood, thanks to its lower spin. But it's harder to get into the air. This may not be an issue from the tee, but if you want to tackle the green from 200m+, it already plays a big role. A ball that is landing not steeply enough will not be controllable, especially in the summer.

To cut a long story short: You have to know for yourself and nobody will be able to give you a clear recommendation. Iron or hybrid is very individual in this area.

The right shaft

There is also the shaft, where various options are to consider. If you choose a shaft with a high kick point it will be harder to get long irons in the air - at least if you tend to hit the ball during downward movement with an Angle of Attack of -3 to -7 e.g. This is the case with most good players and pros.

For players who have a hard time with this and who would start with medium and long irons too flat should consider the Shimada Pro or KBS Tour and no shaft with a high kickpoint.

If this is not a factor, it's all about weight and feel. At ExactGolf we offer a wide range of shafts and if you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also offer other shafts if desired. Basically the selection is very good and sufficient for 99% of the players.

What is out of the question for the MB-101 are very light shafts or graphite shafts like the Fujikura Vista Pro. Most often we use a Shimada (mostly as Pro or VWS) and a Modus 3 - depending on the desired weight.

The shaft length

Basically there are no limits to the imagination, the question is only what makes sense. And there is one thing you really have to consider: The swing weight changes with the shaft length. Therefore it is dangerous to simply shorten the shaft just because someone should be slightly smaller or for some other reason prefers shorter shafts.

It is best if you contact us in advance to discuss this issue. We are happy to shorten the shaft again afterwards, but it cannot be lengthened.

The Lie with the MB-101

As a very good player you probably know which lie you need. You can also find the exact standard lies of the MB-101 in the club data below. Since these clubheads are forged with soft steel, they can be adjusted at any time without damage.

Grip and grip strength

Here we offer you a wide range of different grips which are also preferred on the tour - for good reasons. This means that the best options are already standard with us. If you have any other wishes you can contact us at any time to discuss.

In terms of grip strength we offer up to three tapes, but more makes no sense, then you are already at midsize grips which of course are also available.

About Miura

Like no other manufacturer, Miura stands for a unique manufacturing process that is more traditional than any other in the industry. It is true that this process is costly but the result is incomparable.

First of all, the steel used must be right. And here Miura already distinguishes itself from other manufacturers who use industrial steel which is substantially harder and in the end also more fragile because of the air inclusions in the manufacturing process. This steel does not allow to adapt, for example, if you want to change Lie or Loft. It would break very quickly if tried. The steel used by Miura is different in composition. This makes it softer and flexible enough for our own production and adjustments that we as clubfitters have to make. Even if the irons are already umpteen years old, the steel can still be bent. But this does not mean that the steel is inferior and not so robust. This type of steel gives an incomparable feeling at impact.

Apart from the steel used, the process itself is unique at Miura. Miura does the following: The steel is already cut to size so that the weight fits exactly to the gram. It is then heated at exactly the same temperature. It is then forged at maximum pressure. Two or three steps are sufficient. What happens due to the maximum pressure is that the bubbles that arise during heating are pressed out.

There are other manufacturers who use similar steel. But they do not put as much pressure to the clubs like Miura does. There are therefore other club manufacturers who use almost the same steel, but they differ in the further processing. Miura goes a way which is much more complex but in the end gives a better result.

Another point that distinguishes Miura from the rest is the production of the hosel. This does not tolerate the pressure that is exerted on the rest of the club face. Therefore other manufacturers, who forge the hosel in the same process as striking the face, cannot exert this pressure. Miura can because it adds the hosel afterwards.

But Miura is not done yet, because the heads still have to be ground. And here again the whole craftsmanship of Miura shows up. It's all about absolute precision, both in terms of shape and weight. The heads are ground by hand and that is what makes Miura so special. The result is hardly comparable and absolutely fantastic.

Now it is perhaps understandable why Miura irons cannot be offered at prices like those of the big manufacturers. And why it can happen that you can wait a little longer for your new, handmade set from Japan.

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