Honma Beres Ladies Hybrid

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You can now order the new Honma Beres from us - by email, phone or the contact form. Please let us know your desired configuration or ask for our recommendation. You will then receive an offer from us by email or with a link to complete your order. This way we can make sure that you get exactly the clubs you need and can tell you the delivery time.

Please order by email: info@exactgolf.com or phone: +49 8031 7986088 or by the following contact form:

The predecessors were called IS-05, IS-06, S-06, etc., respectively. Honma has now given up this numbering and rating. The new Honma Beres are only called Beres and they are available in different stars and shafts. With the shafts the weight varies so that one can deal very well with the individual player. The best thing to do is let us advise you.

Honma Beres Ladies Hybrid 2020: The U-06 successor

The Honma Beres Ladies Hybrid brings everything a player can expect from a hybrid. The special challenge that Honma always faces is the following: How do I make it as easy as possible for a lady to move the ball far forward even from difficult lies with low club head speeds and without much effort? That sounds complicated and it actually is. Because combining all this in one club is a science in itself. Honma is one of the leading manufacturers in exactly this segment and this is because the special Beres club head is combined with Honma's specially produced shafts. These are particularly soft and light, yet have very good values. This is exactly what Honma has been known for for decades.

The Honma Beres series is now in its seventh generation and a lot has happened with the new edition for 2020. The Beres Hybrid has more offset than ever before. The face position is clearly closed. Both together make a slice incredibly difficult. It is almost impossible to hit a slice with this hybrid - a typical mishit by Beres players. The Beres Hybrid has also been upgraded with more chrome and the Honma logo on the clubface.

Most often the Beres Hybrid is bought in the 3-star version because the 3-star shaft is much better than the already very good 2-star shaft. Of course the price isn't low either, but for many players the hybrid is one of the most important clubs and is used at almost every hole. In this respect this is relativized again and our players are more than satisfied with this club. For them it is an enormous relief in the game.

The Honma Beres Ladies Hybrid is available as Hybrid 3 with 19°, 4 with 22°, 5 with 25° and 6 with 28° with ArmRQ 38g shaft. Each in 2 to 5 stars in L or A flex. The A Flex is slightly harder than the L Flex and should be chosen by ladies with a slightly higher club head speed. 

Honma Beres Ladies Hybrid Data

U22 U25 U28
Loft 22° 25° 28°
Swing Weight
Shaft Length in inch 39 38.5 38
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