KBS Tour C-Taper vs. Nippon Modus 3: How to fit with very similar shafts?

In this test we take a look at two iron shafts which should always be an option for better players: Nippon Modus 120 and KBS Tour C-Taper 120 each in Stiff.

It has to be said that there is a wide range of shafts available in this segment and it is often difficult to tell the difference. For us Clubfitters, this is of course ideal because you can fit more by feeling.

These two shafts are already very similar in profile. Both shafts are designed for low ball flights. This is because the kickpoint is relatively high and the lower part of the shaft is quite hard. This also reduces the spin. We have often compared shafts with different bending profiles. So we thought it would make sense to test shafts with very similar profiles. This is especially helpful for those players who are swaying between the two shafts and search half the internet to make a decision.

If we had been asked before the test how the result looks like, we would have said: The KBS C-Taper launches a little flatter and produces less spin. We were right, but the difference was very small:

At the end of the day it makes little sense to make a fitting decision based on data in such a case. The 2m more carry is mainly due to the fact that our player hit the KBS C-Taper more consistently. This is also shown by the standard deviation of the efficiency (0.03 vs. 0.02).

Here you have to clearly ask which shaft the player had a better feeling with: Did he really find it easier to accelerate the club with the C-Taper? Did the shaft in particular provide a better hitting pattern? How good was the control? Etc.

Especially with iron shafts that are very similar you have to look for the differences in the feel of the shot. Something that you can only find out for yourself is how well the shaft fits the actual swing and how well it supports the player in his swing. Critical here is the transition between back and forward swing, the so-called "transition". Here, minimal differences become apparent even with very similar shafts. If one had to decide between these two shafts, as in such a case, this would be decisive. Other factors such as appearance, durability or price are also important. Here there are sometimes significant differences between the manufacturers that one would not even have on the screen when considering a purchase.

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