Forged vs. Cast Wedges: Miura Tour Wedge vs. Honma TWorld Wedge

Wedges are a particularly interesting topic and the variety on the market is very large. Also on ExactGolf we have a large selection of wedges ranging from 169€ to 349€. So the price is not insignificant and the question you have to ask yourself is: How much more performance can I get for more money? Or: Why should I spend so much more money on a wedge?

On ExactGolf we only offer Japanese wedges made of especially soft steel. This is what sets us apart from the wedges of most other major manufacturers who only use industrial steel and try to improve the feel by machining the clubface. The Japanese manufacturers start with the steel used.

The big difference is whether a wedge is cast or forged. Most wedges on the market are cast. Also the Honma TWorld Wedge is cast. Miura wedges are forged with very high pressure. This is the really big and noticeable difference between these two wedges

In addition, the clubface of the Miura Tour Wedges is still milled. This combination of soft and forged steel and a milled face is very rare. The difference between the Honma TWorld and the Miura Tour Wedge would therefore have to be clear. And that's exactly what we wanted to take a closer look at in this test and verify with actual data.

The Test Setup

Our test player had to play with a 58° Wedge on a 70m distant flag. This is a light three-quarter turn which is well controllable and therefore well suited for a comparison. Our focus in this test is on the spin values - because that's the difference that should also be apparent directly from the numbers. Both wedges had the same shaft and swing weight.

Our impression

Of course the feeling plays a big role in a wedge and not only the numbers. Here you also notice the obvious difference. The Miura Tour Wedge is much softer in impact and gives a richer feeling. In our opinion there is no wedge that can give a better feeling. The TWorld Wedge is of course also soft, after all it is made of soft steel, but cast. The shape of the Miura Wedge is much more classic, the TWorld is quite modern.

Which wedge produces more spin?

What turns out to be no surprise: The Miura Tour Wedge has significantly higher spin values, about 500rpm more than the TWorld Wedge. On average 8552 to 8090. Admittedly, this is not the world and not recognizable for all players and all skill levels. But the difference is significant.

Our test result summarized

Strictly speaking, two worlds come together here: cast vs. forged. But when it comes to performance, there are no worlds between the wedges. Of course the Tour Wedge has more spin, but that's not all that counts. At the end of the day it's also a very subjective decision which wedge suits you best. Then the question is how long the spin really lasts. This is really hard to compare - at least reliably.

At the end of the day each player has to decide for himself whether the better performance is worthwhile for him. The decisive factor is the overall package of feeling, performance and whether a wedge fits the shape and how well you like it.

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