Honma TWorld FD-6 vs. FP-6 Driver Shafts

In this test we wanted to find out the exact differences between the in-house Honma FD and FP shafts. Both are available in many different weights and flexes. We chose the FD-6 and FP-6 in Stiff which is an option for more sporty players with 100-105mph clubhead speed. In our opinion the FD-6 shaft is one of the longest on the market. The FD shafts are much more common. Justin Rose also uses FD instead of FP.

Our test player got the Honma TWorld Driver with 9,5° Loft in neutral position. When changing the shaft, only the shaft changed. They are both the same length, identical grips and swing weight. Only so we can say exactly where the differences are.

The numbers in comparison

The "input" is virtually identical: club head speed from 103.2 to 103.0 and a smash factor of 1.42 for both. Very precise results, so to speak, which is important for a real comparison.

The ball speed is also very similar: 146.5 for the FD and 146.1 for the FP. So here it would be difficult to deduce different shafts.

The difference in launch and spin

Now, however, the actual difference between the two shafts becomes apparent. The launch of the FD is significantly higher than that of the FP, with 11.5° vs. 10.8°. We would have expected this because the FP shaft is marketed as an extreme low-launch shaft. At this point we have to say one thing: The FP shaft is really only suitable for players who are looking for a shaft with exactly these characteristics. Who has problems with the Launch it's hardly possible to obtain good results with this shaft. Conversely, it is a very good option for those who want to push their launch down.

The spin is also very different. The FD shaft spins much more than the FP shaft, 2506 to 2215, which is 300 rpm more. This is also noticeable in the final result: The FD shaft flies 6m longer in carry, but is altogether only 3m longer. The FP shaft rolls significantly further which is mainly due to the flatter flight and less spin.

Our recommendation

The lesson from this test is very clear: The FP shaft is exactly what it is described as: an extreme low launch, low spin shaft. The FD, on the other hand, is much more "neutral". We would only recommend the FP Shaft to players who are looking for exactly this low launch. Our test player would already have his problems with 10,8° Launch. There are simply too many balls flying too flat and can only get the optimal length because the roll is very wide. For players with a neutral setting we clearly recommend the FD shaft, which in our opinion is one of the longest shafts currently available.

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