Are Miura Irons worth the money?

If you look at the selection of Miura irons on ExactGolf you will quickly notice that the iron sets are not available for less than 1700€. If you want a 3 or 4 iron and a shaft with extra charge it is possible to pay 2200€ for a whole set. If one compares this with a set of other big manufacturers one will notice quickly that this price is clearly higher. If you wait for a sale in autumn, you will get some iron sets for even half the price.

That's why you have to seriously ask yourself if Miura irons are worth their money.

First of all you have to say that this is relative, because everyone has a different idea about it. If you play golf only twice a year and not very good, you won't want to pay 2.000€ for a set of irons. But if you play 100 times a year and pretty relatively good, you should be willing to spend a little more on your equipment - as long as it's within your budget, of course.

The best thing to look at are the points on which our Miura iron sets differ from a 1,000€ set from the discounter or from a random Proshop, then you can judge best whether it is worth the additional expense:

1. Miura irons are extremely durable

This is already a very important point. Because if you only have to buy a new set every eight years instead of four, that already justifies twice the price. Miura irons are forged under extremely high pressure and even if the steel is very soft, the face remains better than with cheap industrial steel and cast iron heads.

2. Miura irons are perfectly adaptable

Because of the soft steel and the forging process it is possible to bend the iron as often as you want without leaving traces. So if you suddenly need 2° less loft, it can be done very quickly. The same applies to the lie.

3. We only use high quality original shafts

Yes, there are also cheaper Miura iron sets. However, these usually come with extremely cheap shafts that are not worth their money. You then have a very high quality and expensive club head and disfigure it with a bad shaft only to save a few bucks. That is pure waste in our opinion.

If you buy a set of clubs from one of the leading western manufacturers today, you will have a lot of shaft options, but practically none of them are original. These are so-called OEM shafts which have nothing to do with the original. It might be that such a shaft also fits to your swing but in the end you don't get what you were fitted with or what you actually want.

This is an important point which is unfortunately ignored by many players: A club is only as good as its shaft and you shouldn't make any compromises. Unfortunately, good shafts have their price.

4. Miura irons are built from scratch and not simply ordered

We manufacture each Miura set individually and are one of the few clubmakers who are allowed to do so. This also means that we have to work very carefully and pay attention to every little detail. An iron set from the big manufacturers is simply delivered as ordered. They don't even pay attention to the swing weight which changes a lot if you want a midsize grip or a longer shaft. We have to add or remove weight from the head of a Miura iron if needed. This is often very costly but also urgently necessary.

5. Miura irons are always unique

It's true that basically anyone can order a Miura set online on ExactGolf today, but every Miura iron remains something special. Only a few of them can really be found in golf bags.

6. Miura irons are incomparable in sound and feel

Anyone who has ever hit a Miura will be able to confirm this. Due to the soft steel and the forging process under highest pressure every hit feels extremely soft. In our opinion, no other iron can compete with this.

These are six reasons why Miura irons are worth more than industrially manufactured mass products from Western manufacturers. Of course it is always up to you to decide.

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