Prices of Miura Irons: How expensive are Miuras?

There is no question: even if you love golf and want to play a certain club you have to pay attention to the price. Miura lovers are no exception and so the legitimate question is how much Miura clubs cost. You will learn this in the following article and we will also explain why an iron set from Miura will not be available for 1.000 Euro - at least not an original.

Material costs of a Miura iron

Anyone who has ever hit a Miura iron will immediately notice how soft it feels. This is partly due to the steel used which is particularly soft. Purchasing this type of steel is rather expensive but evenly clearly more high-quality than industrial steel which is used for the irons of most other manufacturers.

Special manufacturing process

After Miura receives the steel, it is cut as accurately as possible into blanks. This is where Miura's precision work begins, because the blanks are already prefabricated to the nearest gram.

Then the actually decisive forging process begins. The forging of iron alone is much more complex than casting. But Miura uses a particularly complex process and forges by hand with maximum pressure. Miura also has several patents that only allow them certain manufacturing steps and make them unique.

The grinding of the irons is also done by hand. Also here it is important that each iron complies with the weight specifications.

Clubmaking of Miura Irons

Miura isn't off-the-peg at the proshop. Only certified dealers are allowed to offer Miura irons. We at ExactGolf buy the individual iron heads and fit them with the right shaft. What should also not be underestimated here: As a clubmaker who takes it very seriously, we have an additional effort to build the irons perfectly. For example, the player needs a slightly longer shaft. This again requires a slight weight adjustment so that the swing weight does not become too heavy.

If you want to offer and build Miura irons that fit exactly, you have to reckon with a lot of work.

Prices per club with shaft and grip

We are aware of the fact that there are also very cheap shafts that we could use to keep the prices lower. But we do not want that. On ExactGolf we offer only shafts whose quality we are 100% convinced of. And quality usually has its price. The same applies to grips. In most cases we use Multi Compound grips and do not charge extra for them.

That means: all prices you see on ExactGolf refer to a complete set of ready to play Miura irons including high-quality original shafts from Nippon, Shimada and Co and grips.

Prices of Miura irons

The prices range between 299€ and 379€ per club, so a set of 6 irons is between 1794€ and 2274€.

The cheapest Miura irons are CB-1008, CB-2008 and PP 9005 Genesis. These are also our bestsellers. Not because they are a bit cheaper but because they are just right for many players - regardless of the price.

A bit more expensive are irons like MC-501 and CB-301 with 339€ per club.

But the most expensive Miura iron is the IC-601 with 379€ per club because the production technology is even more expensive. However, we sell the PP-9005 Genesis or the CB-2008 much more often than the IC-601 because they are designed for a very similar player category.

Here you can browse our catalogue of Miura clubs.

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