Vega VU 04 Hybrid

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Vega VU 04 Hybrid: Maraging Steel Technology from Japan

The VU 04 Hybrid is a traditional hybrid from Japan. The surface is made of maraging steel and the body of 17-4 stainless steel. With the help of the three weight screws it is possible to adjust the center of gravity individually and to put it even further down. This helps to carry the hybrid from all positions steeply into the air and to really attack the green from everywhere. The Vega VU 04 Hybrid is available in 16°, 20° and 24° lofts.

Vega VU 04 Hybrid: Club Data

u2 u3 u4
Loft (°) 16 20 24
Lie (°) 59
Head weight (g) - without screws 224
Head weight with screw - Aluminium (3g) 227
Head weight with screw - Stainless steel (8g)
Head weight with screw - tungsten (13g)


Vega VU 04 Hybrid Review

The Vega Hybrid is a very nice and special club with a very pure look. The surface looks as if it was fresh from the polishing machine. This look is also noticeable on the Vega Driver and Fairway wood. Optics are not everything in any case and at the end of the day the performance has to be right.

Feeling and playability

The feeling is as expected soft and powerful. The sound convinces even with badly hit shots and you feel that the ball speed does not suffer too much from a bad hit pattern. Forgiveness is given and you don't have the feeling that a particularly centered hit is necessary. What you have to admit, however, is the fact that balls in the toe and heel area tend to move strongly to the right or left. However, this is typical for a hybrid and to be expected with this type of club.

Launch and shaping

Typically for a hybrid, the center of gravity lies in the club head below the ball, which simplifies the launch. This is made possible by the specially designed sole which does not require any additional weight.

Shaping is very well possible with the Vega Hybrid and allows all the special strokes a good player can conjure out of the hat: Draws, fades, stingers, etc.

Ground Contact

Something special is the sole which at first glance looks a bit strange. However, it fulfils a certain purpose and it is possible to get through the grass surface with as little loss of speed as possible. It's impossible to support this with numbers, but in my opinion the Vega Hybrid is definitely a hybrid that actually loses very little speed and does not interact much with the ground.

Recommendation and conclusion

The Vega Hybrid is a very versatile club that can be used for different playing strengths depending on the shaft. But it is also a fact that it is a very classic head without a lot of frills. This also means that the launch or sweetspot is not artificially simplified or enlarged. This makes the Vega Hybrid rather interesting for average to very good players.

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