Honma TW757 Fairway Wood

Product image 1Honma TW757 Fairway Wood
Product image 2Honma TW757 Fairway Wood

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The new TW757 fairway wood is very similar to its TR21 predecessor. Honma has improved the stability in particular and thus ensures more forgiveness - both of horizontal and vertical misses. The slot technology helps achieving higher ball speeds. Like its predecessor, the head is also made of stainless steel and carbon. This means steel in the sole and carbon in the crown for the lowest possible centre of gravity.

The TW757 fairway wood is also equipped with a weight screw that can be replaced. This makes it easy to change the head weight, e.g. to optimise the swing weight accordingly. Compared to the TR21 fairway wood, the head has become slightly larger and not quite as compact. On the one hand, this gives more self-confidence and on the other hand, it ensures more forgiveness.

The shaft selection has changed slightly compared to the TW747 and TR20 series. As usual, this offers a Vizard 757 shaft, which is primarily designed for a high launch. In addition, however, there are four different surcharge shafts: MA, MP, FZ and Platinum. The MA shaft, whose weight distribution is more in the tip and tends to produce an increased launch. The MP shaft, which is more neutral and produces a medium-high ball flight. And the FZ shaft for minimum launch and spin, a high kick point and maximum control from the tee.

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