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The XXIO Prime men's driver can without a doubt be described as the absolute lightweight on the market - both in terms of the head and the shaft. At only 254g, the driver head is about 40g lighter than standard drivers. The shafts range between 35 and 37g which is an absolute flyweight even compared to the lightest Honma Beres shafts.

Of course, there's a good reason for all this: as an XXIO Prime player, you need as much support as possible when it comes to generating higher clubhead speeds. Particularly lightweight shafts are an important factor here.

However, the shaft length of the XXIO Prime driver is 46.25" which is a good half inch longer than typical drivers. Again, this is due to the fact that there is a longer lever associated with the longer shaft. This makes it easier to accelerate the club head.

The special thing about the XXIO Prime concept, however, is that despite these significantly longer shafts, the swing weight is only kept at D1 and does not become too heavy. The secret lies in the combination with the light overall weight, and the result is high club head speeds and maximum distance.

However, forgiveness is not neglected and the XXIO Prime Driver has a particularly high MOI. XXIO achieves this primarily through the weight distribution, which is located as far back as possible. This is further supported by the rebound frame, which ensures that high ball speeds can be achieved not only on center strikes, but also on the entire clubface.

The XXIO Prime Driver is basically designed for anti-slice - just the typical miss for its target group. It is also the only driver (to our knowledge) that supports this with aerodynamics. Namely through the so-called ActivWing. This helps to better close the clubface at impact and counteract a slice.

The XXIO driver is manufactured in Japan. It is available as 10.5° and 11.5° and in the shafts SR with 37g, R and R2 with 35g. We recommend the XXIO Prime Driver only for players with low clubhead speeds who tend to struggle with a slice. For them, however, it's a unique club that comes up trumps with an absolutely well thought-out concept.
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