XXIO Prime Fairway Woods

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The XXIO Prime fairway woods are indeed unique and especially designed for players who have difficulty accelerating the club and getting the ball into the air. This is indeed not an unimportant feature when it comes to fairway woods.

The entire XXIO Prime concept is designed for slightly longer shafts with still low swing and overall weight. This can really only be achieved if all components are designed with this in mind. First and foremost, this means a particularly light club head, grip and, above all, shaft. Especially the shafts are absolute lightweights with their 37-38g and can hardly be found anywhere else. Not even Honma Beres uses such light shafts as XXIO in the Prime series.

XXIO also has to pull out all the stops for weight distribution in the fairway wood. This is located as far away as possible from the clubface. This not only increases launch but also forgiveness. Despite the low head weight, XXIO manages to place relatively much weight in the rear area. This is indeed special and very advantageous for simplified launch from the ground.

All in all, the XXIO Prime fairway wood is an absolutely brilliant club for a certain group of players. If you are not necessarily blessed with high swing speeds and need all the support you can get from a fairway wood to get the ball in the air, you are definitely well served by the XXIO Prime fairway wood.

The XXIO Prime fairway woods are available from #3 to #9, i.e. in 15°, 18°, 21° and 24° lofts. The shafts offered are SR with 38.5° and R or R2 with 37.5° each.
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