Honma Beres Black Hybrid/Utility

Product image 1Honma Beres Black Hybrid/Utility
Product image 2Honma Beres Black Hybrid/Utility
Product image 3Honma Beres Black Hybrid/Utility
Product image 4Honma Beres Black Hybrid/Utility
Product image 5Honma Beres Black Hybrid/Utility
Product image 6Honma Beres Black Hybrid/Utility
Product image 7Honma Beres Black Hybrid/Utility

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The Beres Black Utility or Hybrid woods are - as usual from Beres - relatively large and therefore make the game much easier by simply forgiving more mistakes and the ball can be launched particularly easily. Even though the Beres Black are completely new, nothing has changed in this basic principle of Beres. Best results can be achieved even with low club head speeds. Compared to its predecessor, the Beres Black Utility has the so-called "Triple Sole Slot" technology. This supports the ball flight, especially when hitting outside the sweet spot. With the new Beres Black Utility, misses can be controlled much better.

The club head is designed in such a way that the crown is particularly light and thin, while more weight can be placed into the sole. This makes the launch much easier and you should have no problems getting the ball into the air and hitting greens from the fairway.

The "Anti-Slice" concept of Beres has also not changed with the Beres Blacks, although the clubface is slightly less closed to the ball than its predecessor. The centre of gravity is clearly towards the heel and helps to close the clubface at impact and prevent a slice.

New with the Beres Black is not only the design but also the shaft. This is designed for a somewhat flatter launch than the Beres Aizu. In addition, it is actually available from 42g to 55g. This covers a very wide range from senior golfers to players with average club head speed. However, the usual star categorisation is omitted with the Beres Black.
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