Honma Beres 09 Fairway Wood for Men

Product image 1Honma Beres 09 Fairway Wood for Men
Product image 2Honma Beres 09 Fairway Wood for Men
Product image 3Honma Beres 09 Fairway Wood for Men
Product image 4Honma Beres 09 Fairway Wood for Men
Product image 5Honma Beres 09 Fairway Wood for Men
Product image 6Honma Beres 09 Fairway Wood for Men

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Honma remains true to itself with the new Beres series and plays to its strengths. While the Beres Aizu series was somewhat unusual in terms of design, Honma is going back to its roots with Beres 09. Nevertheless, some points have been improved that are definitely of interest to the typical Beres player:

  • A higher MOI for more forgiveness
  • Even lighter and softer shafts with the same or even better quality
  • More draw bias to counter the slice

The latter is often an issue with the fairway wood. Honma is, of course, aware of this and is introducing a fairway wood that tackles the unsightly slice like no other.

The weight distribution is slightly different and variable depending on the loft of the wood. The significantly lighter and softer shafts provide the player with maximum support in terms of launch - an issue that naturally affects practically everyone with fairway woods.

The Honma Beres 09 fairway wood is available in #3 and #5 - although we have to make it clear that most players now only use a #5 wood, as a #3 wood is often too difficult to launch and offers hardly any advantages. Of course, we always recommend a fitting for such decisions so that you can adjust your new Honma Beres precisely.

As usual, Beres clubs are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars, although we sell 4 and 5 stars very rarely. Although these are a little better in terms of shaft quality, they are also considerably more expensive. The 3* variant offers the best price/performance ratio and is therefore the variant we sell most frequently.

If you are interested in the new Honma Beres Aizu fairway wood, please contact us by email: info@exactgolf.com or phone: +49 8031 7986088.

Buying the Beres fairway wood online

Anyone who wants to buy fairway woods on the Internet today has a few important things to consider. Of course you should be relatively sure to make the right choice, otherwise you won't enjoy it in the long run. However, the Beres range from Honma is unique in a way. Because it's perfect for a certain segment of players. And if you're in that segment, there's little you can do wrong with your choices. But one after the other:

Choice of loft

As far as the loft is concerned, the Beres fairway wood is the absolute standard with 15, 18 and 21° loft. Here it is mainly a question of what your iron set looks like and how you want to close the gap between your longest iron and the driver. In regards to loft, Honma leaves little to be desired with the Beres fairway wood. It doesn't make sense for players of this class to choose a wood with less than 15 or more than 21 degrees. We will be happy to advise you in this respect and help you choose the right loft.

2, 3, 4 or 5 stars?

The famous Honma stars are not meant to be any status symbol. Of course, it's kind of a status symbol when you spend almost 4,000 Euros on one golf club, but that's not how it's meant. The number reflects the quality of the shaft. Because the higher the number, the lower the torque. These are, so to speak, the unwanted distortions in the shaft. And Honma manages to build shafts that are particularly light and soft and yet have little torque. But even the 2 star shaft is extremely good in quality. Only rarely is an upgrade useful here, even if we give you every opportunity to do so of course.

Grip and grip strength

The standard grip doesn't sound very intoxicating, but it brings everything that makes a good grip. Here it is not really necessary to choose a different grip unless you have a preference for a particular grip or want to tune it with the rest of the clubs.

As far as the grip strength is concerned, one should orientate oneself on the length of the fingers. For short fingers a regular grip is absolutely sufficient. However, if you prefer thicker grips, you should always order 1 additional tape. Only in exceptional cases, such as very long fingers or a preference for very thick grips, Midsize is a real alternative.

If you have any questions on any subject or if you are unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us. Whether by email, live chat or phone.

Honma Beres Fairway Wood Data

3W 5W
Loft 15° 18°
Swing weight 47 R-Flex D-0

Swing weight 47 SR-Flex


Swing weight 47 S-Flex D-1


Swing weight 42 R-Flex
D-0 D-0

Swing weight 42 SR-Flex



Swing weight 42 S-Flex


Shaft length in inch 43

About Honma

Honma is a traditional company from Japan that stands out from the crowd. Even though many attempts have been made to copy the successful manufacturer from Sakata nobody has succeeded so far and will probably never succeed. This is because what makes Honma so unique is deeply anchored in the company's philosophy. Characteristics like uniqueness, precision, highest quality of all produced clubs and performance are not so easy to copy.

Honma was also the first manufacturer to introduce a so-called "star system". This means that there are differences within a series of clubs. This is not only a way to "feel better" than players who play a club with fewer stars, but it has a real justification. The number of stars indicates how high the twists in the shaft are during the stroke. You can imagine that when a shaft is swung, it naturally moves in different directions. The more pronounced this behavior is, the greater the dispersion. This has to be minimized, which is not so easy with shafts that are supposed to be soft. And no other company can do this as perfect as Honma. You can therefore offer a shaft that is not only soft and easy to play, but has little "torque". The more stars, the less torque. The 2-star quality is already so much better than shafts from other manufacturers, but 4 or 5 stars are even a bit better.

The differences with the stars are not only in the shaft, but also in the club heads. The higher the number of stars, the more noble metals are used. This is mainly about the quantity and purity of gold. This is also something that makes Honma unique and it is probably the only manufacturer worldwide that can do this or players are willing to pay an extra price for it. A Honma club is a special, handcrafted and unique part of golf history.

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