Honma Beres Aizu Driver for Ladies

Product image 1Honma Beres Aizu Driver for Ladies
Product image 2Honma Beres Aizu Driver for Ladies
Product image 3Honma Beres Aizu Driver for Ladies
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The Honma Beres have always been among the absolute lightweights and are made for ladies and seniors. The principle sounds simple, but the implementation is very difficult. Honma wants to make the game as easy as possible and that means on the one hand to offer club heads with maximum support and on the other hand to use shafts that are as soft and light as possible. The latter are Honma's real design achievement, because no other manufacturer offers such high-quality and light shafts at the moment.

The Beres concept is already proven and nothing has changed with the new Beres Aizu. Nevertheless, Honma has made various changes compared to the predecessor. This concerns first of all the look, which is undoubtedly new and daring. On the other hand, however, there are also purely technological changes that ensure even more ball speeds and a higher ball flight. The clubface is also able to handle hits outside the sweet spot better. This means straighter ball flights and more consistent spin.

The Honma Beres Aizu Driver for ladies is available in 11.5° and 12.5°. The standard version is the L-Flex with 39g. However, a slightly heavier version with 41g can also be ordered via Japan. The star categorisation from 2 to 5 stars is also unchanged. The 3-star version is the one we sell most often and is particularly worthwhile for the driver. The upgrade mainly concerns the shaft, which is of even higher quality with three stars, guarantees a more consistent hit pattern and ensures less dispersion.

If you are interested in the new Honma Beres Aizu Driver, please contact us by email: info@exactgolf.com or phone: +49 8031 7986088.

Review of the new Honma Beres Ladies Driver

The Honma Beres clubs have always been designed to make the game as easy as possible. This has not changed in the seventh generation. On the contrary. We quickly noticed that Honma has moved up a gear in this respect. This is already apparent when you talk about the new Beres Driver. And here we are already at the biggest innovation: The anti-slice effect of the Honma Beres Driver is gigantic. But first things first...

The appearance of the new Honma Drivers

In terms of appearance, a lot has definitely changed. Honma relies on a lot of chrome, just like with XP1. This makes the clubhead look very noble and much more valuable than its predecessors. The chrome is also surprisingly resistant and durable. Something that immediately catches the eye is the new face that is actually decorated with the Honma logo. Our first impression was that this is just a sticker. After all, this is a feature that no manufacturer has really dared to approach yet. So now the Honma logo actually adorns the clubface, which already triggers a certain "wow effect". Purely in terms of performance, this has no influence and is more of a gimmick.

The performance of the Beres ladies driver

No question. There is no denying the fact that the driver is extremely Anti-Slice. This means a lot of offset and a closed face. For players who have to fight with a slice this is of course perfect. The driver makes it difficult to hit a slice. In the test, we were not even able to place the ball to the right of the target - even with clear slice swings of 8° from the outside and (normally) a very open clubface. So we already took the right side out of play.

The E-06 driver was also designed for anti-slice, but not as strong. Apart from that, the new Beres driver does exactly what it is supposed to: It guarantees a high launch even at low club head speeds. This is combined with a maximum "smash factor", which ensures very high ball speeds. The result is the longest possible shots.

What makes the Beres Driver so unique?

Not to mention the high-quality appearance and the anti-slice function. This club is special because the shaft and club head are in perfect harmony. There is basically no other club that offers such a light and soft shaft that also achieves good values and makes the ball controllable. The result is typical Beres and has been proven for decades: The club can be accelerated very well even with low clubhead speeds. This is mainly due to the low weight of the shaft, the low swing weight and a shaft that can be accelerated very well also thanks to the "whip effect".

The new Honma Beres Driver is perfect for women and seniors who want to get the most out of relatively low club head speeds and who occasionally have to fight a slice. These players will not find a better club on the market than this driver.

Honma Beres Ladies Driver Data 

Swing Weight C-3
Shaft Length in inch 44.25
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