Honma Beres Ladies Fairway Wood

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You can now order the new Honma Beres from us - by email, phone or the contact form. Please let us know your desired configuration or ask for our recommendation. You will then receive an offer from us by email or with a link to complete your order. This way we can make sure that you get exactly the clubs you need and can tell you the delivery time.

Please order by email: info@exactgolf.com or phone: +49 8031 7986088 or by the following contact form:

The predecessors were called IS-05, IS-06, S-06, etc., respectively. Honma has now given up this numbering and rating. The new Honma Beres are only called Beres and they are available in different stars and shafts. With the shafts the weight varies so that one can deal very well with the individual player. The best thing to do is let us advise you.

Honma Beres Ladies Fairway Wood 2020: The E-06 successor

The recipes for a good fairway wood are well known, but they are anything but easy to implement. Especially for a segment of players who are not blessed with high clubhead speeds. This can be easily compensated with a driver by hitting the ball upwards. With a shot from the fairway, however, this is not possible. Here a club manufacturer has to pull out all stops to make these difficult shots possible.

As always, you can rely on Honma in this respect and the E-06 Beres series is rounded off with these excellent woods. First, the E-06 Women's Fairwaywoods feature triple slot technology in the centre, heel and toe. This maximizes ball speed with relatively low club head speeds. That means more length without having to swing faster.

That's one of the issues with fairway woods. The other is a low center of gravity in the head which also allows the ball to be carried from difficult positions into the air. This also means more length, but also better control when it comes to placing the ball on the green. With the Beres E-06 you can therefore achieve a high ball flight even with a low club head speed and thus also attack difficult pin positions.

Compared to the predecessor model a lot has changed. The Beres Fairway wood looks much better from a purely visual point of view. Not only because of the high proportion of chrome, but also because of the Honma logo on the clubface. When it comes to performance, there has never been a Beres wood with so much offset and a closed face that doesn't make a slice impossible, but at least makes it much more difficult.

The Beres Fairway wood is available in 16°, 19° and 22° which corresponds to a three, five and seven wood. Honma uses the proven ArmRQX shaft with 38g depending on specification and wood. This shaft is unbelievably light and still has a low torque, so that torsion is reduced. This reduces the variation significantly without the need for a harder or heavier shaft. You should tend to use an L-Flex if you have low club head speeds, otherwise an A-Flex.

If you are unsure you can contact us at any time. Either by email, live chat or phone - you can find all the information you need by scrolling down.

Beres Ladies Fairway Wood Data

3W 5W 7W
Loft 16° 19° 22°
Swing Weight C-1 C-1 C-1
Shaft Length in inch 41.75
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