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Honma Beres Hybrid - now available

You can now order the new Honma Beres from us - by email, phone or the contact form. Please let us know your desired configuration or ask for our recommendation. You will then receive an offer from us by email or with a link to complete your order. This way we can make sure that you get exactly the clubs you need and can tell you the delivery time.

Please order by email: info@exactgolf.com or phone: +49 8031 7986088 or by the following contact form:

The predecessors were called IS-05, IS-06, S-06, etc., respectively. Honma has now given up this numbering and rating. The new Honma Beres are only called Beres and they are available in different stars and shafts. With the shafts the weight varies so that one can deal very well with the individual player. The best thing to do is let us advise you.

Honma Beres Hybrid 2020: The U-06 successor

The Beres Hybrid completes every Beres set. It's no longer a secret: a hybrid makes the life of any golfer easier. There's hardly a player left who hasn't noticed this and who doesn't want to use this wonderful club. A hybrid is much easier to play than an iron or a fairway wood with the same loft. The reason lies in the small head shape and the center of gravity which is extremely far below the ball. That's why you can attack the green from any position with the Beres  Hybrid. The trajectory and spin is high enough to ensure that the ball really stays on the green and doesn't roll down again.

Compared to its predecessor, the Beres Hybrid has changed a few things. On the one hand there is the much higher-quality look with much more chrome and the lasered logo on the clubface. On the other hand there are some changes concerning the playability. Because the new Beres Hybrid has significantly more offset, it's hardly possible to hit a slice with this club - and that's exactly the bad shot you often have to fight against, isn't it?

Why you shouldn't compromise on the hybrid and why you should choose the Beres Hybrid is easy to explain. The quality is outstanding in terms of the workmanship, the shaft and the coordination between club head and shaft. The built-in shafts minimize any distortion in unwanted directions. These usually ensure that you don't hit the ball properly or that the clubface doesn't stand as it should at impact. The higher the number of stars chosen, the better the quality. The quality of the 2-star version is also so much better than that of other manufacturers. They don't usually pay attention to such details. No matter with which other manufacturer you look: You will not find a hybrid that offers such a light and soft shaft with as little "torque" as possible at the same time. Only this guarantees an outstanding playing feel and the necessary precision.

The Beres Hybrid is available with the following lofts: 19°, 22°, 25° and 28°. You can choose between 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars. For the 2* version, the shaft is available in 47g. With 3* and more 42g or 47g are available as ArmRQ 7x M400X.

Honma Beres Hybrid Data

U19° U22° U25° U28°
Swing Weight 47 R-Flex D-0
Swing Weight 47 SR-Flex
Swing Weight 47 S-Flex
Swing Weight 42 R-Flex
Shaft Length in inch 40.5
40 39.5 39

About Honma

Honma sets such a high standard of quality like no other company. And even if many companies have tried to copy Honma, none wont succeed so quickly. Because behind Honma there is a history of more than 60 years which is decisive for the unique quality of these clubs.

So the shafts as well as the club heads are "pulled" by hand and this allows an otherwise unattainable quality. This makes it possible for Honma to produce shafts that are extremely light and soft and yet have little twisting. The latter is decisive when it comes to hitting the ball reliably and straight. And this combination of a soft shaft and little "torque" is unique. And the higher the number of stars chosen, the lower the torque.

Apart from that, the more stars you choose, the more noble the club heads will look. Thus Honma gives its heads an incomparably noble appearance. Each club is thus unique. If you place your bet on Honma clubs you will definitely be able to stand out from the crowd.

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