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For the 2021 season, Beres players will be able to enjoy new wedges that not only perfectly match the Beres iron set. The Honma Beres wedge will also be equipped with a lightweight 95g steel shaft for the first time. In addition, there are of course the typical Honma Armrq carbon shafts in four different stars: 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Apart from the very noble design, there is also a lot of technology in the Beres wedge. And the whole construction is geared for the "Game Improvement" area. The aim is to make shots with the wedge as easy as possible. And this is achieved with two important concepts.

First of all, Honma relies on the patented zone made of a nickel-chrome alloy. This material ensures as little friction as possible, especially in the sand and in deeper grass. Exactly where you usually lose a lot of speed with a wedge, making distance control more difficult.

Normally, the centre of gravity of wedges is relatively far down and more towards the shaft. This also means that hits outside this area are rather suboptimal. The problem for many amateurs, however, is that it is hardly possible to hit the ball consistently at this spot. That is why some manufacturers are working on shifting the centre of gravity towards the middle of the club face. The Honma Beres wedge has a higher centre of gravity than most other wedges. This in turn favours spin because the ball stays on the clubface longer and can therefore take on more spin.

The Honma Beres wedge is manufactured in two different grinds. One is the I-sole for 50° and 52° - and the C-sole for 56°, 58° and 60°. The I-grind is designed for full shots, while the C-grind is ideal for playing around the green.

The Honma Beres wedge is the perfect choice if you already have a Honma Beres iron set and want to expand it. The Beres range is already equipped with an 11 iron, an AW and a SW, but the lofts end at 55°. In addition, these "standard" wedges have very wide soles and are designed more for full shots. With the Beres wedges you have a lot more options around the green. For this we also recommend the matching shaft to the iron set.

The Dynamic Gold 95 shaft, which, by the way, is equipped with vibration-damping foam and can therefore absorb vibrations much better than conventional steel shafts, is only available in Wedge Flex.

The Armrq carbon shafts in the usual Honma stars are available as standard with Regular and Stiff/Regular and Stiff as a custom option from Japan. Please contact us for detailed advice and delivery times.

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