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Introducing the new TW747 Hybrid: A flag attacking weapon from every spot

The TW747 series hybrid was developed with the mission to create a club that is a strategic weapon - by allowing it to attack greens from a variety of locations. This is achieved by saving weight, as with the TW747 Fairway Wood, in order to keep additional weight as low as possible in the head. This makes a steep take-off and landing angle possible. The particularly hard but thin steel of the striking surface ensures explosive ball contact and maximum length.

Left-handed versions available. Get in touch with us for more details.

Please keep in mind that when you select a longer shaft than standard a custom Honma order is required. Meaning that Honma has to do the customization, not ExactGolf. And this requires about 8 weeks of additional shipping time. This is not the case for all other customizations and also not for shorter shafts.

Honma TW747 Hybrid: Club Data

  U19 U22 U25 U28
Loft (°) 19 22 25 28
Head volume (cm³) 125 124 123 122
Lie (°) 58.5 58.5
Face Progression (mm) 12.5
Head weight (g) 232 237 242 247
Shaft Length - Vizard (inch) 40
Shaft Length - NS 950 (inch)
39.5 39 38.5 38
Swing weight Vizard TW747 D-1.5
Swing weight Vizard UT
Swing weight NS Pro 950 D-2.5

Honma TW Hybrid Review

Often it is a very individual matter whether one relies on a hybrid in the bag or not. With fairway woods, driving irons and long irons, there are already three alternatives worth mentioning to the so-called "rescue". You can't just say that you certainly need a hybrid. However, anyone who has relied on hybrids in the past is unlikely to get rid of them so quickly. The Honma TWorld Hybrid is a hybrid that is pretty large in size. The transitions are often fluent and so the TWorld Hybrid for some already seems like a small fairway wood.

This is the first thing you notice when you hold this club for the first time. This already results in the advantages and disadvantages of this club. It is at least not an all-purpose weapon that lets you catapult the ball from all positions onto the green. Hybrids with small heads are much better suited for this. I'm not saying that these shots are not possible with larger hybrid heads, but they make them a little more difficult.

But this is no longer the only application for this type of club. Many players like to use it from the tee, but especially from the fairway to play the green. The Honma TW Hybrid is also ideally suited for this and you can tell this from your first shots.

Launch and spin

The strengths of the hybrid clearly lie in ensuring a particularly high launch. Honma achieves this with a rather elaborate construction which is not visible from the outside. The crown is made of carbon and is therefore very light. The center of gravity is located far down in the head of the club and this allows a very high launch. It is therefore very easy to launch the ball into the air. And all this happens without generating too much spin. This would make it easier to move the ball out of the direction and would shorten the distance.

It's true that the spin is still higher than with a comparable fairway wood, but so is the launch. The hybrid is therefore much better suited to achieve a high trajectory and to keep the ball on the green. Therefore the TWorld Hybrid is also an option to replace longer irons with a hybrid - this makes playing greens much easier.

Feeling at impact and sweet spot

The TWorld Hybrid is equipped with an extra thin club face for maximum ball speed. You will notice this on the first stroke and not only on well hit balls. The sound underlines the result and the ball flies explosively from the club  face with a loud sound. The hybrid's large club head also ensures a particularly large sweet spot. This is almost unlimited for good players. The ball can hardly be hit outside the sweetspot and even if not much happens. This is a point that is often very noticeable with other hybrids. Shots in the sweetspot are good and in the right direction, but outside the sweetspot they are anything but ideal. The TWorld Hybrid is a bit different here and in our opinion produces "better bad shots".

Conclusion and recommendation

The Honma TWorld Hybrid is suitable for average to very good players. The "standard shafts" bring a swing weight from D-1.5 to D-2.5 without adjustments. On request, this swing weight can be adjusted by us or other shaft options are available. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Something you should definitely know: The TW747 Hybrid is relatively large and not a typical rescue club. It is suitable only conditionally to seek relief from really bad lies. But it unfolds its strengths of the tee, fairway and good semi rough lies. Thanks to the low center of gravity and the large sweet spot, it is relatively easy to keep the ball in play and attack flags. If you are looking for a hybrid for this application, the TW747 is in our opinion a very good choice.

About Honma

Honma is one of the most traditional club manufacturers in the golf world and can also be satisfied with their decision to leave the exclusive premium segment. Partly at least. The exclusive clubs like Honma Beres still exist and will always be part of the Honma family. But with the TW747 series they have taken a path that firstly appeals to better players and secondly is financially comfortable. The TW747 clubs are not much more expensive than clubs from other manufacturers. And if you compare the TW747s with the leading manufacturers in terms of workmanship and quality, you can only make one choice. And that is in favor of Honma.

Because something will never be the case with Honma: that clubs and shafts are not as they should be. Especially with shafts and this is a rarity in the industry as sad as it is. Because most of the used shafts are crap. Actually good heads are disfigured with these shafts. One may get a shaft with 10 gram more or less. Sometimes with 45 inches, sometimes with 44. Although one had actually chosen it differently. This is not the case with Honma and certainly not if you buy via ExactGolf. Because we put every single club through its paces.

The TW747 Hybrid completes every good TW747 iron set and makes a clear statement: for maximum performance and quality at the very highest level. And at a reasonable price.

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