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Back to the Roots is the motto for Honma in 2022, because the so successful TWorld series is back. As usual with a complete series from driver to wedge with four different iron heads and two driver heads.

Compared to the TR20, a few things have changed in the driver. Proven and successful elements such as the carbon crown and the weight screws to adjust the weight distribution and the head weight have been retained.

We are particularly pleased that there is a special "draw variant". This head is designed to be optimised for both draws and fades by swapping the weight screws. More weight in the toe ensures a slower closing of the clubface at impact and thus more of a fade. And less weight in the toe accordingly for a draw trajectory, which is especially needed by players who have to fight against a slice. The TW757 D is therefore the ideal driver head for players who want to optimise in one direction or the other.

The TW757 S driver, on the other hand, is more "neutral" and can be optimised for a low ball flight with low spin, for example. Simply by mounting the heavy weight screw at the front of the clubface. Conversely, with the heavy screw at the back, you maximise launch, spin and also stability - for the most precise drives possible.

A brand new feature of the TW757 driver is the carbon slot, which is located directly behind the clubface. The slot technology is not new, but Honma is the first manufacturer to make this slot out of carbon, thus ensuring higher ball speeds. With carbon it is possible to build this slot as stiff as possible but also dense which leads to a clear improvement to the slot technology.

As usual, the TW757 driver is available with Honma's own Vizard shafts, which fortunately start at 50g and are therefore also designed for players with lower club head speeds. However, Honma also offers shafts up to 70g, which allow an optimisation of trajectory and spin profile.

Slightly different from the TW747 and TR20 series is the shaft selection. As usual, Honma offers a Vizard 757 shaft, which is primarily designed for a high launch. In addition, however, there are four different custom shafts: MA, MP, FZ and Platinum. The MA shaft, whose weight distribution is more in the tip and tends to produce an increased launch. The MP shaft, which is more neutral and produces a medium-high ball flight. And the FZ shaft for minimal launch and spin, a high kick point and maximum control off the tee.

The Vizard Platinum shaft is an extremely high quality shaft that produces even less torque than the other Honma shafts. This means that the Platinum shaft is comparable to the MP5 SR shaft in terms of stiffness, but has as little torque as the MP6 X shaft. This means: less unwanted twisting but still a relatively soft feel.

About Honma

Honma is a manufacturer from Japan like no other. It has been copied many times but nobody has ever achieved what Honma has achieved. And that would be to establish itself as a premium manufacturer for whom the own claim is only the best of the best. That's why people are willing to spend tens of thousands of Euros on Honma equipment like the Honma Beres.

It's not that bad with the TR20 driver, of course, even if it's certainly not a bargain. But if it were one, it wouldn't be Honma on it. With the TR20 series, Honma has made a very important decision: players with a smaller budget should also be able to benefit from the excellent Honma quality. The first step was the release of the TW747 series and the second the contract with Justin Rose. This brings the Honma brand closer to a broad golf audience. So far, Honma has been seen as a niche player, someone who serves a small market segment and plays in a category that is far away from all other manufacturers.

This has now changed with the TR20 and any golfer can be happy with that. It means that he gets first-class Honma quality at fair prices. This applies to the TR20 iron sets but also to the woods and the driver. This one can show off with an adaptation system where the shaft doesn't rotate. Honma has already patented this system for some time and has now made it available to golfers with smaller budgets with the TR20 Driver.

Who decides for a TR20 Driver makes a certain statement: No compromises in quality and maximum performance. That's what every Honma club stands for like no other.

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