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The new Honma TW757 Vx iron is a fully forged, classic cavity back iron with modern elements: namely in the form of a 7g tungsten insert in the toe of the clubface of the 4 to 8 irons. This increases the moment of inertia and ensures more forgiveness. The weight distribution is therefore located at the toe and heel area to ensure a stable ball flight even with less optimal hits. Honma knows how to combine modern technology with classic design like hardly any other manufacturer. With the TW757 Vx you get a classic looking and fully forged cavity back iron and still the extra support you need on the course. The Vx iron is forged from soft steel for an extra soft feel.

As usual, you can configure the TW757 iron in many high-quality shafts at no extra charge. You can choose from the company's own Vizard shafts from 50g, the Vizard IB-WF carbon shafts, which are significantly harder and ensure a flatter ball flight. But also the highest quality steel shafts from Nippon like the Modus, the NS Pro 950 NEO and shafts from Dynamic Gold, KBS and Project X. The best thing to do is simply contact us for a consultation.

Honma TW757 Vx Irons Specs and Lofts

#4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW AW
Loft 21° 24°
Lie 60.0° 60.5° 61.0° 61.5° 62.0° 62.5° 63.0° 63.0°
Offset 3.0 3.0 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.0 2.0 2.0
Vizard 50 - Swing Weight D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 D2
Vizard 50 - Shaft Length 38.625" 38.125" 37.625" 37.125" 36.625" 36.125" 35.625" 35.625"
Nippon 950 - Swing Weight D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D3
Nippon 950 - Shaft Length 38.25" 37.75" 37.25" 36.75" 36.25" 35.75" 35.25" 35.25"

TW757 Vx Review

The TW757 Vx is a cavity back iron that shows its strengths right from the start. We couldn't wait to test it extensively and compare it with the Miura TC-201. For us, the latter is the "gold standard" in the field of classically forged cavity back irons, and this is the iron to beat. The TW757 Vx also has to measure up to this.

First of all, the visual impressions of the Vx: The topline is very slim and sporty. The clubface is conspicuously high, which is even noticeable in the setup position. On the other hand, the blade is compact and not necessarily long. In this respect, the Vx offers a lot of forgiveness in the vertical plane, but less in the horizontal plane. This is neither good nor bad, but simply a small difference to the TC-201. However, this construction makes sense, because especially from the semi-rough, the strike pattern likes to move far upwards, which often ensures that the variance in spin increases and the length is harder to control. The better an iron can handle this, the more consistent the distances.

One difference that you notice relatively quickly compared to the TC-201 is the feel at impact. And this is where the technology of the Vx comes into play. Honma has incorporated tungsten into the toe of the club head to increase MOI. The forged cavity on the back of the face, however, is almost identical to the 201. The result is simple: hits in the centre don't feel quite as soft with the Vx as with the 201, but the Vx also allows a little more room for errors outside the sweet spot - and these misses feel a little softer here again. All in all, the Vx is a little more "balanced", but it doesn't reward the best strikes quite as much as a Miura 201.

Something that should definitely be kept in mind are the strong lofts of the TW757 Vx. In principle, Honma skips an iron here and a 6 iron on the 201 is equivalent to a 7 iron on the Vx. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to order the A-Wedge to have an adequate PW replacement. The PW has only 43° and the A-Wedge 49°. Please note that we at ExactGolf will also make loft adjustments at any time before the set is shipped to you.

About Honma

The TW747 was Honma's first attempt to dissociate itself from the image of an overpriced, noble manufacturer. And to do so without sacrificing quality. This approach is now being continued with the TR20. The TR20 irons are manufactured in the usual Honma quality, i.e. hand-forged with Japanese steel and without accepted variations. There are no production deviations as can be observed with almost all other manufacturers at Honma even with the TR20 series.

So you don't have to spend thousands of Euros on a new iron set. Honma's TR20 irons are in a price category that includes all other major manufacturers. But the quality is outstanding. The club heads are one thing. The other are the used shafts. The selection of shafts is sufficient and ensures that only the best of the best can be used. For you as a player this means that the club actually weighs as much as indicated, is as long as it should be and the characteristics do not vary from iron to iron. It is not uncommon for an iron 6 to go as far as an iron 5 just because the shafts are different. Although of course the same shaft is supposed to be built in. The manufacturing tolerances of many manufacturers of clubs and shafts are unbelievably large. Not with Honma. Therefore you can choose between only a few shafts.

Who decides for the TR20 irons does not only buy a piece of golf history, but can also be sure to purchase a set of irons that meets the highest demands. And that at an absolutely fair price - far away from what you can spend on other Honma irons. For many this may be unexpected, but we see it as a unique opportunity for players of all handicap classes.

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