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It took Miura eight years to get back to a cavity back that is 100% forged. The forging process is anything but trivial, but Miura got it "forged", so to speak. But seriously: the CB-302 is a Cavity Back of highest quality and like everything from the Japanese quality manufacturer Miura not only an optical highlight.

The CB-302 is actually a classic cavity back. The weight in the club is so low that it is far away from a blade. Miura also does that without any other weight components like screws or tungsten inserts in the toe or the sole. This is what makes the CB-302 so classic.

The lofts of the CB-302 are relatively strong, the 4 iron has 22 degrees and therefore it is recommended to add a gap wedge between 48 and 50 degrees. 

Miura CB-301 Club Data

Iron 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW GW
Loft in ° 22 25 28 32 36 40 44 48
Lie in ° 61 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 64 64.5
Shaft Length in Inch 39.0 38.5 38.0 37.5 37.0 36.5 36.0 36.0

Buy Miura's CB-301 online

Before you order the CB-301 from us you should consider various things - or contact us directly. This is the best way for us to tailor the set to your needs. You can reach us at any time via email, live chat or telephone.

Iron set from 4 to GW

The standard set of the CB-301 goes from iron 5 to gap wedge and usually you are well advised to use it. Because nowadays only very few people play a 4 iron because driving irons and hybrids have became very playable. Normally you will be better advised from iron 5 up, unless you prefer a long iron with 22° loft in the bag - then add an iron 4. Some players will swap their long iron for a hybrid, depending on the weather and place. This is also a legitimate option for players with high demands.

Built-in shaft

The selected shaft is also very individual. Perhaps you already have an iron shaft with which you are satisfied. Otherwise we offer you all possibilities - except cheap shafts. You have to look for them at another dealer. Because in our opinion one destroys a very good iron with a cheap shaft. You will therefore only receive original shafts of the highest quality which we have been using for many years and only have satisfied customers.

For relatively low club head speeds and a high launch, the Shimada S-Lite, Nippon NS Pro 850GH or a Fujikura Vista are ideal. The latter are graphite shafts and a real option. There are now also tour players who rely on graphite shafts in irons. A lot has happened in this area and the Fujikura Vista offers similar good performance as steel shafts, but is extremely light and absorbs vibrations strongly.

For players with relatively high club head speeds, Nippon Modus 3 may be the best option currently available. It comes in four different weights. The special feature of Mode 3 is the bending profile which delivers a great feeling. Therefore the shaft feels much softer than the label might suggest. And that without sacrificing performance. Not for nothing this shaft is often played on the tour.

An alternative is the KBS Tour which we can also offer in different weights. If you have any questions or wishes please do not hesitate to contact us.

Selected shaft length

The length of the shaft is mainly determined by the body size. Before you start to shorten a shaft or order a longer one, you should always keep the swing weight in mind. Only a few clubmakers actually pay attention to this although it is so important. A shaft which is shortened by only a quarter inch changes the swing weight noticeably. So before you lightly order a different shaft length, please contact us for advice.


The beauty of the CB-301 is that you can bend it - theoretically - as often as you want. The lie can therefore be changed at any time. And this is also a big advantage compared to all other club heads where this is not possible without further ado. If you are interested in a CB-301, we assume that you are an advanced player. You should therefore know about the lie you need. If not, we will be happy to help you. It is not a problem to adjust the clubs afterwards though.

Grip selection and strength

As far as the grips are concerned, we can theoretically assemble whatever you want. On the right you will find an overview of the most common grips that we frequently use. If you have special wishes you only have to say it - we are happy to meet them.

Miura CB-301 Review and Test Report

It took Miura a long time to revive the classic CB-301. Even then the CB-301 was a very classic cavity back for advanced players. Nothing has changed with the 2019 re-release. The CB-301 is simply a good average cavity back iron. The club face gives sufficient self-confidence in the setup position. The topline is relatively thin, at least in comparison to the Miura CB-1008 e.g. Alone here one notices for whom this iron was forged: good players who don't need an iron that gives them the feeling of being "invulnerable". You quickly notice that you have to hit the ball to make it fly.

Forgiveness and feel of the shot

Nevertheless, the CB-301 also forgives errors. The interesting thing about this iron is the very flat undercut, i.e. there is a lot of weight at the bottom of the face. Further up or behind the ball there is very little. This has a strong influence on the launch (as we will see later) and makes the balls feel relatively "equal". It's not as if a slightly worse hit ball differs significantly from a sweetspot hit. The CB-301 is therefore not an iron that gives you an immediate and unambiguous understanding of where you hit the ball. This has both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that the incomparably soft feedback like with a CB-1008, MB-001 or MC-501 is missing with a direct hit, the advantage however that also an inconsistent hit pattern leads to a constant result. In short: The CB-301 forgives mistakes very well and doesn't punish bad shots too radically.

Offset and playability

Who considers the Miura CB-301 as a good player wants to know of course how it well it can be shaped. Say: Is it easy to hit draws, fades and other special shots with the CB-301? The answer is quite clear: it depends. Because the CB-301 has a lot of offset. On the one hand, the offset supports the launch, so the ball goes easier into the air, but on the other hand it also reinforces a draw tendency. The offset is ideal to steer against a slice.

In terms of playability, it is therefore very easy to play a draw. Even neutral swings tend slightly to the left. Someone who naturally plays strong draws should therefore consider if this iron is his optimal choice. For all other players the offset is rather an advantage.

Turf interaction

The turf interaction is about average. It's not that the sole is as wide as on a CB-1008, but not as blade-like thin as on a MC-501. The small undercut helps this iron to minimize interaction with the ground. Therefore the CB-301 is basically suitable for all types of players. Even with very steep swings the iron does not cut straight into the ground and remains controllable.


As far as the lofts of the CB-301 are concerned, Miura has meanwhile adapted to the "modern standard" and corrected them downwards. The pitching wedge has only 44° (previously the standard was 47°), so an additional gap wedge is offered with 48°.

Test result and recommendation

The CB-301 is a very classic and sporty cavity back iron that behaves exactly the way it looks. The hits feel good even if they are not fully hit in the center. The results vary only minimally and the CB-301 forgives mistakes very well. It works its way through and over the turf and is very neutral for most players. However, this is different with offset. Here you have to say clearly that players with a draw tendency might have trouble with the offset and are better advised with a CB-1008 from Miura, for example. The offset is however advantageous for fade players or those who like to fight against a slice. The lofts are rather unusual for Miura irons and this aspect should be considered. But if you are prepared for that, it is certainly not a disadvantage.

About Miura

When you start to deal with Miura, you immediately notice that this is not a manufacturer like everyone else. The company history is unique and not much has changed in the way their irons are made. On the contrary to the competition, which has changed a lot in the last decades concerning the production process. Miura deliberately does not. You will never hear any marketing promises from Miura or that Miura now produces their irons with machines. Miura is and remains different and that's a good thing.

The difference starts with the steel that is used, which is particularly soft. There are also other manufacturers who use this steel and not only use industrial steel, but these differ from each other in the forging process. Miura cuts the steel parts to size, heats them to exactly the same temperature and then forges them at maximum pressure. This high pressure presses out even the smallest air bubbles that are created during heating. By eliminating these bubbles, the steel becomes more durable and cleaner. The result is an incredibly soft feeling at impact.

Miura has also patented the process of how the hosel is built in. If you forged the hosel in the same process as the clubface and the back of the head, it would not be possible to exert this high pressure. Most other manufacturers who forge their irons do the same. Therefore they cannot forge with the same pressure as Miura. Miura inserts the hosel later and this step is patented by the way.

The result is without any doubt absolutely unique. And that's why all Miura irons will always play in their own league. No other manufacturer takes on so much to achieve the best possible quality. And no other manufacturer remains as true to its principles and processes as Miura does. That's why Miura irons are always in demand and are something special.

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