Srixon ZX MKII Hybrid

Product image 1Srixon ZX MKII Hybrid
Product image 2Srixon ZX MKII Hybrid
Product image 3Srixon ZX MKII Hybrid

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The Srixon ZX MKII Hybrid is very classic and delivers absolutely solid performance. It is not for nothing that it is shortlisted in each of our fittings. It offers a balanced spin/launch ratio, making it easy to hit greens. The recipe is a high launch and yet relatively little spin. This not only provides length, but also a steep landing angle into the green.

With the new MKII series you have the choice between Hybrid 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 - between 17° and 28° loft. The "typical" Hybrid 3 and 4 are also available for left-handers.

In our opinion, a good hybrid also needs a good shaft. That's why we only use original shafts from Fujikura for the Srixon ZX Hybrid and other shafts on request.

Which shaft in the ZX Hybrid?

When choosing a shaft, you should mainly orientate yourself on your irons and go a little lighter in terms of weight. The hybrid is usually also the club where the transition from steel to carbon takes place. However, the right hybrid shaft should also be selected according to the desired launch profile. For example, if you have difficulty getting the ball into the air because the club head speed is a bit too low, a Fujikura Vista Pro or Fujikura Sakura would be the best choice. There are also lightweight versions of this shaft, which are particularly suitable for seniors, ladies and men with low club head speed.

For advanced players who want maximum performance and above all an absolutely controlled ball flight, the Fujikura Pro 2.0 or the Fujikura Ventus HB, which is so popular on the tour, are recommended. The Ventus is available as Blue from 60g to 100g. The Ventus Black HB as an absolute low launch version in 9TX and 10TX - the latter is played by Rory McIlroy in the 3 iron, for example, and is really only intended for very fast club head speeds.

If you are undecided about the right shaft, please contact us.

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