Srixon ZX5 & ZX7 MKII Driver

Product image 1Srixon ZX5 & ZX7 MKII Driver
Product image 2Srixon ZX5 & ZX7 MKII Driver
Product image 3Srixon ZX5 & ZX7 MKII Driver
Product image 4Srixon ZX5 & ZX7 MKII Driver
Product image 5Srixon ZX5 & ZX7 MKII Driver

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The Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 MKII drivers can be described as a new edition of the successful ZX series. The ZX Driver brought Srixon, also thanks to Brooks Koepka, onto the map for drivers as well and not just irons. Also in our fittings the Srixon ZX Driver did not have to hide at all from the western competition. In the MK II, there are again two different models with the ZX5 and the ZX7 Driver, which differ slightly from each other and are intended for two different target groups. 

At ExactGolf you have the possibility to fit your new Srixon driver with the highest quality shafts, which are hardly offered anywhere else. We mainly use shafts from Fujikura such as the Vista Pro, Pro and Ventus, but also the shafts from Oban. Both are driver shafts that play a role in every fitting and are often the winning combination. You will receive the Srixon Driver only with original shafts and not with OEM shafts - individually built for you.

ZX5 Driver

The ZX5 MKII Driver has its center of gravity slightly further back in the club head and therefore provides a higher launch, more spin and thus also forgiveness. This makes it the most stable Srixon driver and especially suitable for players who value maximum control, but do not necessarily want to make sacrifices in terms of distance. The ZX5 is one of the most stable drivers and also forgives a relatively large strike pattern.

ZX7 Driver

The ZX7 MKII driver, on the other hand, is a bit sportier, producing less spin and a slightly flatter trajectory. It is the right choice for players who want to go for maximum distance and have no problems with launch - for example, because their club head speed is sufficiently high and/or the Angle of Attack is positive enough. The ZX7 driver doesn't have to hide from its competition and can keep up with the longest drivers on the market.

Our shaft recommendation for your Srixon Driver

We only work with original shafts from the leading manufacturers, especially from Japan. And even with just a few manufacturers, we can cover the whole range and find the right shaft for you. Below is a brief overview of our shafts:

Fujikura Vista Pro and Sakura - a shaft we use very often that is designed for a higher launch. It is already available from 40g and is therefore particularly popular with seniors and ladies. The higher weights are also suitable for men with average head speeds who want a bit more launch and spin.

Fujikura Ventus - By far the most popular shaft on tour. We offer it only original with Velocore technology. Not only is the Ventus extremely high quality, but it has a shaft profile that not only appeals to a wide range of players, but also makes it easier to accelerate the club. The Ventus comes in three different profiles: Red for higher launch, Blue for mid launch and Black as an absolute low launch, low spin and anti-hook variant.

Fujikura Ventus TR - New for 2022 in the programme with a slightly harder grip like the "normal" Ventus. This makes the TR a little harder overall and has less torque. The TR is currently only available in Blue.

Oban Devotion and Devotion HB - a very popular shaft for players with medium club head speeds, which is also available in the "High Balance" version. This is suitable for slightly longer shafts to balance the swing weight.

Oban Kiyoshi HB, White, Purple & Black - The Kiyoshi from Oban is one of the highest quality shafts available and everyone we have fitted with one of these shafts swears by them. The Black is one of the hardest shafts with a flat launch, while the White is more neutral.

If you are undecided about the right shaft, please contact us.

Fujikura Pro 2.0 - A shaft that is primarily intended for players with medium and faster swing speeds, but is significantly cheaper than a Ventus.

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