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The hybrids of the XXIO Prime series serve as an extension of the irons or as a transition to the XXIO Prime fairway woods. Basically, they are designed very similarly to the XXIO Prime woods, which means the lightest possible components. The shaft weights range from 42.5 to 44.5g depending on the flex, the swing weight is consistently C9 and the grip and club head are also correspondingly light. This is the only way to achieve this light swing weight despite a "normal" shaft length.

The XXIO Prime line is completely designed for players who have problems accelerating the clubhead. In addition, the XXIO Prime Hybrid with its weight distribution and the soft shafts maximizes launch, which is not always easy, especially from the fairway and from the semi-rough.

The XXIO Prime Hybrid is available from 19 to 31° - the latter is a hybrid #8 and thus dives deep into the actual iron set. However, the XXIO Prime Hybrids are designed to offer a suitable alternative for those players who prefer hybrids to irons.

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