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XXIO Prime irons are designed for players who have difficulty generating high clubhead speeds and need maximum support in every aspect. In short, hardly any other iron makes the game as easy and comfortable as XXIO Prime.

This is partly due to the absolutely light shafts, which vary between 43.5g and 46.5g depending on the flex. Together with the light heads, this results in a swingweight of C7, which is definitely among the lightest men's and senior swingweights on the market.

A light swingweight and overall weight means, first and foremost, that you can move the club super easily. This ultimately ensures higher club head speeds and therefore ball speeds.

Furthermore, the shafts of the XXIO Prime series are very soft and support the launch as much as possible. Due to the two-piece construction, the irons also achieve high ball speeds and thus actually get the maximum out of limited clubhead speeds.

In terms of shaft length, the XXIO Prime irons are in the standard range (even though there is no such standard in principle). This means that the 7 iron, at 37.25", is no longer than usual. As is well known, XXIO relies on significantly longer shafts for its drivers - which is not the case with the irons. This is one of the reasons why the swing weight is a good deal lighter than with the driver, woods and hybrid.

We recommend the XXIO Prime irons to players who benefit from light weight. There is currently no manufacturer that builds even lighter overall and really aligns all components to this and manufactures them in-house. The XXIO Prime SP-1200 shafts are among the lightest iron shafts for men and seniors and are also noticeably soft. The latter is important when it comes to an optimal launch. In short: with these shafts it is easier to get the ball into the air and to reach more carry distance.

The XXIO Prime iron set is available from 5 iron to sand wedge, whereby the 5 iron starts at 22° and is actually not suitable for every type of player. Most players prefer to play hybrids instead of long irons and start their set more from iron 6 with 25°. Also the sand wedge of the XXIO Prime set is not advisable for every player because it restricts the play around the green a bit. In most cases, an iron set ends with an A-wedge with 48° and is then extended with one or two matching wedges. However, this is very individual and you should seek advice on this. That's why we always recommend to contact us by phone or email or to book a fitting.

Standard Iron Set from 7-PW.

Our test with the XXIO Prime irons

To be honest, we have considered the Honma Beres series as the absolute standard for lightweight and forgiving golf clubs for several years. However, the XXIO Prime series is also in the same segment, so we are forced to compare these clubs. The question that arises is where are the strengths and weaknesses of the XXIO Prime series compared to Honma Beres?

Honma Beres vs. XXIO Prime

First of all, let's look at the similarities: The club heads are very similar in design. They are two-piece constructions with forged and extra thin clubfaces. The sole is very wide and the MOI is maximized. Also, the weight is positioned as far as possible under and behind the ball - this simplifies the launch and increases the MOI at the same time.

Also similar is the concept of the overall very light construction. The shaft weight varies between 42g and 47g for both Honma Beres and XXIO Prime. Club heads and grips are also very light on both.

However, there is a significant difference in shaft length and swing weight. The current Honma Beres series for 2022 and 2023 has become significantly longer, so the 7 iron is about 37.75", while the XXIO Prime is "only" 37.25".

The swingweight of Honma Beres is also slightly heavier at D0 than C7 on XXIO Prime.

In short: Honma Beres is built with virtually the same light components in the irons, but the shafts are a bit longer, which is why the swing weight is heavier.

And here we can already make the first recommendation: Who is convinced of the lightweight concept, but rather wants slightly longer shafts is very likely better served with the Honma Beres. However, those who prefer "normal" shaft lengths and for whom the swing weight can't be light enough should rather tend towards the XXIO Prime.

Ideally, you will find out in a fitting whether Honma Beres or XXIO Prime is the better choice for you.

Our impression of the XXIO Prime

The XXIO Prime iron does exactly what it is supposed to and what is expected of it. We definitely can't say we were surprised in any way. The feel at impact is very pleasant, although the typical "click" sound is undeniable due to the two-piece construction. The sound is accordingly rather bright.

The XXIO Prime iron has a clear offset, but it decreases extremely from the long irons to the wedges. This makes perfect sense because you need more support in the launch and against the slice in the long irons than in the wedges. The progression is just a bit more than most of the comparable competition.

As already mentioned, the difference to the Honma Beres lies in the shaft length and swing weight. And here it is mainly a matter of personal preferences, which are very individual and best determined in a fitting. In any case, we are very impressed with the XXIO Prime irons and consider them to be absolutely equal. They are definitely the best for players who need extremely light weight and maximum support in their game.

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