Honma TWorld Driver 455 vs. 460 Comparison

In this test we take a look at the two versions of the Honma TWorld driver. This driver is available in the 460 and in the 455 cubic version. The latter is clearly smaller and only an option for very good players. The 455 Driver also has a different position of the weight screws. It has only one weight screw which is mounted in the toe area of the head. This means that the driver has a clear fade tendency. For players with a slice this is of course a disaster. For players who play the ball rather too much with Draw, however, a real option.

Our setup for the test

Our player should swing between 100 and 101mph, which leads to a ball speed of about 145mph and a carry length of 220m. These stats are a little faster and farther than average. For the test we installed the FD-6 Stiff shaft, which already convinced in other tests in terms of performance and is used as a heavier and harder version by Justin Rose, among others.

The test results at one glance

The smash factor was identical to 1.44 and our player hit the ball very consistently. However, differences show up relatively quickly (455 on the left and 460 on the right):

  • Ballspeed 144,7 vs. 145,4mph
  • Launch Angle 9.4 vs. 10.8°.
  • Spin 2596 vs. 2379 rpm
  • Total length 240 vs. 244

In short, the 460 Driver develops more ball speed, a higher launch angle, less spin and a longer overall length. The latter is mainly due to the steeper flight path and slightly less spin.

As you can easily see from the following overview, the ball flight with the 460 Driver tended rather to the left, the 455 Driver was on average very much straight and also showed less dispersion.

Our interpretation of the result

This test shows very clearly what manufacturer Honma actually wants to achieve. The 455 head is supposed to provide more precision and it is allowed to sacrifice some length. Honma is well aware that the smaller head volume has a negative effect on the distance. But this head is also not for players who want to optimize their length.

The 200rpm more spin helps to control the ball better even if it affects the length.

The flatter launch has less to do with the size of the head than with the different weight distribution. The 455 Driver has a flatter trajectory with a fade tendency.

455 or 460 - which is better?

There is no "better" in this test. Honma has done a first-class job with the two driver heads and with this test we were able to show exactly what the manufacturer promises. The 460 head is the standard model and should be preferred. The 455 Driver is a bit special, especially for players who need more precision from the tee, who don't mind losing some length and have to compensate too much draw. These are e.g. players with 115mph head speed and more, with a swing direction of 4° and more from the inside, so a clear draw. For this special type of player the 455 Driver may be a very good choice. Otherwise we would recommend the 460 Driver. This maximizes length with very low spin values.

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