Miura High Bounce Tour Wedge

Product image 1Miura High Bounce Tour Wedge
Product image 2Miura High Bounce Tour Wedge
Product image 3Miura High Bounce Tour Wedge
Product image 4Miura High Bounce Tour Wedge

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Miura wouldn't be Miura if they didn't try everything with their forged wedges to give the player maximum precision around the green. The High Bounce Wedge is based on the famous Miura Tour Wedge, but has a much wider sole and a higher bounce. This has advantages and disadvantages depending on the area of use. A high bounce is certainly disadvantageous if you play from bald spots or a smooth, Scottish links course fairway. But these cases are rather rare in our latitudes, which is why more bounce makes sense. The wider sole also simplifies hitting out of the bunker. The extra bounce makes longer pitches and full wedge shots easier and more precise. The clubface simply passes better under the ball and minimizes interactions with the ground.

We can offer the Miura High Bounce Tour Wedge in all imaginable shafts. We also pay close attention to shaft length and swing weight and can adjust the wedge perfectly to your irons. The wedge is available in many loft options.

Loft in° 50 52 54 56 58 60 62
8 10 12 14 12 12 14 
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